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What Is Clouding Your Vision?

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You have reached a place in your life where you cannot see past the nose on your face. What has happened and why is your vision so narrowed and shortened? Do you sit with your eyes open, yet your vision is clouded and you cannot make sense of the world? You have causes that have clouded your vision and your life is suffering because of this narrow focus.

Let’s change that focus to one more open and visible to be able to see what is going on around you. Life tends to grab hold of you sometimes and shakes you silly until your vision is no longer clear. It’s time to step back from the hold, release yourself from the grips of society, to stand steady letting your head clear and your vision to return to normal.

Be Yourself. It’s so easy to get caught up in the newest, shiniest fad or faze of life. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the life of another, forgetting about yourself. Do you even remember who is your authentic self? If not, it’s time to shed the attachment others and go in search of the real you.

Find Yourself. Stop going to all the hang-out spots with all the hang-out friends. Give yourself some time away with just you to explore life on your own. What does it feel like? Do you even know what you like to do when no one else is around? You may need to explore all types of hobbies to remember what you like to do with your own time. You may need to explore your own mind and filter through the beliefs that others have impressed upon you to find what you truly believe. Are your thoughts and beliefs jumbled into the lives and beliefs of all those who you have been around for so long? Step back and just spend time with yourself.

Dig Deep. Within your own soul there is you waiting to be released. You have not allowed this part of you, this loving natural, authentic self to be on the surface. You have tucked away your own self to blend in with others. Dig deep inside your own heart, mind, and soul to feel the authentic self of you expand and grow. You will be amazed at how much healing you may need to do in order to be back to you. Explore all avenues of life within your own belief system to filter out that which is not your own to uncover that which is your own.

Sit in Silence. Yes, you can and should sit in silence to allow yourself the ability to let all outside influences fall away leaving only your own thoughts bubble to the surface in this silence. When in this silence, listen, carefully. Not only will there be time for cleansing and healing, but also time for listening for advice from your own higher self. Listen in silence for there is hidden wisdom always rising to the surface for you to hear.

Trust. You must trust your own heart to understand that which you hear. You must trust your own heart for that which teaches you a lesson. You must trust the messages that come through and the guidance that follows is leading you back to your own authentic self.

As you follow through with nurturing your own self, you will discover that you will be able to see the world with clearer eyes and less clouded vision. Your no-nonsense filter will activate to let you see the cloud for which others are sitting under. You have moved out from beneath that cloud to the full sunshine illuminating your own space; bringing sunlight to your eyes and the world around you. Your authentic self is in view of others and open to the world around it. You have explored, healed, and illuminated your own self to the point of no-return. You found you.

Let the world turn without you caught up in its spin anymore. Yes, you can socialize and go out with friends, but you have a very clear sense of balance now and will know when to retreat to take some time for your own care. There will be no more days of cloudy vision in your future as you have opened up the eyes of your own self to the beauty of the outside world and the inside self.

15 thoughts on “What Is Clouding Your Vision?

  1. Interesting article. Thank you for your insights. Changing to align myself with my own belief has been a challenge for me. I am now learning to trust that inner nudge to keep on doing my thing. It took a while for me to know that it is ok to be true to myself even though my own belief is different from my loved ones . As a matter of fact it is not only ok. It is essential. I have found that when I live in balance, as you said, and stand in my own truth, eventually my world adjusts. So then what was holding me back was fear of the unknown. It takes courage to step out, and for some of us it takes a while to develop that courage.

  2. Being a mother of 3 kids, especially when they were younger, made me realize I needed some time by myself to recharge not only physically but also spiritually.

    At that time I started saving some moments in my schedule to just be myself and do things I enjoyed, like reading a book.

    My children are all grown-ups now and I still have this habit. Sometimes I just sit in silence like you mentioned in the article, and I feel grateful for my life and every little detail about it.

    It works wonders!

  3. This is a great topic! I feel like life in the U.S. can be an identity stealer. Many people are just trying to get by financially, and are stuck in jobs they hate. How can you find your true self if half your life is spent doing something you hate? I’m so fortunate, and very thankful to have a job I love and feel I was born to do.

    1. Yes, thank you, Ryan for your visit and comment. The world is turning at such a fast pace that it’s easy to get caught up in the craziness losing ourselves in the process. Yes, I have been there with a career and have found that when I made the decision to step back from the career that I used to love, but was draining my energy, I became more focused and happier. I found myself.

  4. There are many temptations out there. Distractions too. Being young and naive, people can be easily clouded by negativity. As we age, we begin to realise that we may have lost our self.
    We need more people like your good self to write more articles like yours. To remind us to stay true to ourselves.
    Thank you Kerri!

  5. I love your article! many people when they hear stuff about inner being or real soul, they start thinking mystical. In my opinion there is nothing mystical about this. The easiest way to listen to your inner voice, and find your inner you, is simply to utilize the most amazing tool we were given at birth, our emotions.
    Our eyes can deceive us, our words and thoughts too, but our sophisticated emotional guidance system will always be true to us. If we just can trust our feelings more, we will actually end up feeling our lives into happiness and success. God bless.

  6. Hi Kerri,
    Thanks for your post on this. It’s great to see more articles like this on the web promoting the need for inner stillness and taking some me time rather than trying to follow the latest craze or trend in a vain attempt to fit into other people’s view. Would you also recommend meditation as a practice to find inner peace?


  7. I love this article. There are so many distractions and new fads that can distract us from finding ourselves and staying true to ourselves. Sometimes all it takes is slowing down and taking alone time for yourself to quiet the mind and refocus. I especially love the part about trust. Trusting yourself is in my opinion the most important part.

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