Walk Among the Wanderers

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Walk Among the Wanderers

Do you see the people who have their ducks in a row and find the time to wander the world enjoying the platitudes of life? Are you finding that you wish to walk among the wanderers for just a short time?

Then, do so!

Life is amazingly short and disappears in the space of a heartbeat for some. Let the responsibilities of the world go and find yourself walking to that which draws your heart dreams.  Be vigilant in immersing yourself in the experiences of life’s offerings.  Let your heart lead the way for more fulfilling prophecies and life missions.

Where did you learn to hold onto the daily grind of life and stay rooted in existence of stagnancy? Why do you allow your heart to be anchored in the drudgery of daily chores and tasks that draw your further away from the dreams your heart sends to your consciousness on a daily basis?

Transcend all previously perceived notions of life with boundaries to break free from the anchors of despair that you find yourself in while on your daily wheel of existence. You can find your own heart space dancing to the tune of a wandering’s path when explored and initiated properly.  You do not have to get up and go to a career that does not fulfill and expand your heart dreams every day.  Get up and walk among the wanderers who are creating their own realities each moment of the day and fulfilling their soul’s missions and purpose.

You have bills to pay and responsibilities to manage. Can you not do that while allowing your heart to beat to its own joyful tune?  Can you not do that while stepping outside the box of handed-down expectations that no longer give your heart its purpose and sustainability?

Take a weekend and walk among the wanderers and the dream fulfillers. Examine their joy and their methods to obtain financial freedom while spinning their own webs of creation that satisfies their obligations, yet fulfills their heart longings.  Jump into the space they create and feel their excitement, while letting it swirl around and encompass you for that small moment in time.

What can you do with the talents, the resources, the knowledge, and the dreams you have inside you to create your own wandering mentality and lifestyle?

Are you ready to free yourself from the holds of everyday life to create a new transcendental life?

Do not worry about the machinations of the task, but think of the delivery of the process as you fill your heart space with unfettered excitement and joy.   You will feel the presence of your own soul filling up the space you compressed and your progress will increase daily.

Begin small to build up to the place you wish to be…when you arrive to your wandering destination, you will know, just know. Dear one, walk among the wanderers today and gain the wisdom, the joy, and the serendipity of life that will drive your heart forward to its destination of complete and utter freedom.

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