Vibrational Match

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Vibrational Match

There is an inner peace which radiates out from you today. As you pass others along the route you choose to walk, notice the fluctuation of your vibrations.  You are reacting and interacting with the energy of others.  When you feel agitated, change the vibrational match by speeding up or slowing down your pace.  This will break the contact.  Have you ever felt yourself matching step with step to another person?  They are vibrationally in alignment at the exact place you are.  Relax in that space for a while and feel the peace flow through you, releasing all energies that are not favorable at this time.

Be aware of your inner self as you move along your day, and be aware of the energies around you. Let them steer your course to always being in alignment with source and on a high vibrational ray of light.  There all levels of energy growth going on around you every moment of the day.

Find the vibrational match to you and bask in its healing and energizing properties.

Be cautious not to sense the lower vibrations that cause agitation and send your energies, unsolicited, to them. They are not ready yet for that.  What you can do is ask their higher self to spend some time pulling in some healing energies, then step back and detach.  Give the Universe your gratitude and move on.  It is not possible to heal everyone, every moment of the day.  It will leave you a shell of your former self with a dim light of the divine.  Keep your light and vibrations high by asking for someone’s higher self to take care of matters — leaving yourself detached and still high in energy.

How to Find Your Vibrational Match

Daydream, dear one.  Let your heart and soul daydream about the alignment that closely matches your own heart space.  Imagine your life how you want it to look and feel.  Let these dreams guide your thoughts to reality.

Emit waves of love and light.  Be open to the vibrational waves emitting from your soul and be ready to receive them back in full force.  What you emit, you receive back in greater quantity.

Feel your daydreams as if they were real already.  Let them evolve into a feeling of truth and love.  Let your daydreams feel real and choose your own emotions.  If you want to be ecstatic and elated about this new vibrational match you are dreaming about, then jump with joy and let your heart skip a beat. Feel the beat!

Open up your space for another person to walk into.  Empty closets, get a bigger bed, eliminate “junk” from drawers, closets, refrigerator, and cabinets.  Allow space for your vibrational match.  Along with cleaning out extra areas, this also adds a great boost to the Feng Shui of your home and allows for greater energy to flow.

Continue to walk your path, dear one. It is a glorious place to be.

How are you bringing in the vibrational energies that you need today?  Please feel welcome to drop a comment below.


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