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The love of life is a precious gift, whether it is love from a parent to a child, from a child to a parent, or from the angelic realm to the Earth realm. Love is love. It is universal. It is unconditional when treated and shared with pureness of divine light. It is radiant and glorious and feeling. The love that is to be shared between, among, and around the inhabitants of the Earth must be as pure as the love God has given to you.

So many want to know the meaning of love yet, so many do not know how to define this word because it cannot be defined in words. Love must be defined in a visual manner. In order to explain about love is to show love to yourself and each other. My thoughts are as pure as Christ when I write these words, for love is unconditional. Love has no demands placed upon it. It is not always reciprocal, for one can show love to oneself or to another, but there may not be a receipt of love back; not immediately anyway. To share love is to show by example, not placing demands on the person(s) receiving that love and being true and honest in your feelings. Love is free to give and receive-no holds barred.

When one gives love to another, is it without reservation? Is it without attachments? This is going to be a tough question to answer, for everyone comes with their own “baggage” so to speak. Everyone enters into a relationship with their own experiences and knowledge from the past of what is right and what is not so right within a relationship. The key is to weed out or reflect upon the things that are not so right.

Why is it that we place the most wonderful experiences and feelings of a relationship to the back of our minds to focus instead on the less than appealing aspects? This needs to be done in the reverse. Why look at the worst first? Focus in upon the moments that cause immense joy, the tender moments, the loving caresses, looks, and words. This brings joy to your heart. This is the love that begins to build within your heart. This is where the focus of a relationship should be headed toward.

Let love in a relationship. Let the love replace the thoughts of negativity. Focus in on the positive, on the happiness, on the joy. This is love at its finest!

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