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Traits Of An Empathic Child

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Traits Of An Empathic Child

An empathic child is very sensitive to energies around them; emotions that are and are not their own. They pick up the emotions and energies of others which may lead them to withdraw or act out.

I have a daughter who is empathic. We would often find her in her own quiet space at home after a day at school for several hours.  She also does not like large crowds and we find her separating herself from the pack to a quiet place fairly quickly.

School always was the toughest for her because she was always seated around the rowdier kids (because she was so quiet and well-behaved), which drove her crazy. She would come home and have quite the time undoing herself from the tangle of energies from the day.

A child with the following traits tends to take on an overload of energies from others and have different reactions when in those situations.

  • Highly Sensitive– children who are highly sensitive tend to be tuned into the environment and vibrational energy around them.
  • Withdraws– gets overwhelmed in noisy, public places so tends to withdraw. They can be seen as shy.
  • Know Information– You may see children who just “know” and do not need to study in school.
  • Over-Expressive– tends to get louder than the external noise trying to drown it out. The are often seen as physically or verbally out of control.
  • Very Strong Emotions– whether they are displaying sadness, happiness, or being scared.
  • Bedtime Issues– tends to have bedtime issues with going to bed or waking up often during the night.
  • Depressive Episodes– you may possibly notice depressive episodes when an empathic child finds it difficult to separate their emotions from others. They get confused about this.
  • Illnesses– may try to shutdown emotional activity by catching illness- possibly “stomach aches”.

Techniques For An Empath To Release Trapped Energies

  • Spend time in nature– you may find that your child likes to spend time in nature and/or connect their energies to animals, plants, water, etc…
  • Create a quiet space that is all their own free from others’ energies- this could be in their bedroom, a place indoors or outdoors that allows for the pets to join.
  • Use protective stones, as your empathic child may be naturally drawn to them. Let them feel and touch the stones and pick them out themselves by how they feel.
  • Hang up a dreamcatcher. My daughter could not settle down at night, very restless with unpleasant dreams, so we hung up a Native American dreamcatcher. She felt an immediate sense of peace at night.
  • Create- through journaling, music (play an instrument) and art/ drawing. You will probably notice that an empathic child is a more creative child and will gravitate to writing or art-inspired outlets. Provide the materials and let them alone to release trapped energies through this method.

With the fast-paced world we live in, we must be careful to love and nurture our empathic child. It is a very confusing, upsetting world for an empathic child who does not understand how to handle the emotions coming at them from all angles.  They need the time to release the energies through many avenues.  Support them and remember that they don’t always know why they shut down or have outbursts, and it scares them. Encourage them to try the techniques to release energies at least once a day.  They will feel so much better for doing so!

Please drop me a comment below on how you help a child who is empathic.

8 thoughts on “Traits Of An Empathic Child

  1. Your post “Traits of an Empathic Child” is an interesting read, Kerri.

    Although I am not a school teacher, I have been around children for many, many years. As I read your article, two questions came to mind: How many times did I encounter an empathic child without even realizing it? How many times has a child been mislabeled as being “disruptive” or “too shy” without really knowing the real issue?

    There are programs for children with special needs, I wonder if the current school system would even teachers to be more sensitive to children that are empathetic.

    Thanks for sharing your insight, Kerri.

    1. You are welcome. Yes, there are so many empathic children in schools today- shy and disruptive. I see them all the time trying so hard to find their place and fit into a classroom setting with all the energies swirling around them. I think with mindfulness showing up more in the classroom, it is slowly becoming addressed, but more definitely needs to be done.

  2. This is a very informative and educational article.
    I enjoyed reading it.
    With these descriptions i will take more note of kids and how they react to their environments.
    It is interesting that a child with bedtime issues must not be dismissed as naughty or difficult but rather this could be a sign of empathic sensitivity.

    1. Yes. I am a teacher and can very easily pick out those empathic children. I find that I approach their needs a bit differently and may give them a break to color or move away from the others for a few minutes doing their own thing. Most of these children, according to their parents, have very difficult bedtime routines.

  3. I never realized that I was an empathetic child until I read the complete article you have written here. It is highly informative and easy to understand. I do believe that I still am an empathic child and I love to be alone and away from crowds. I easily get carried away by people’s opinions and in my alone time, I realize what I really feel and think about a situation.
    Is there a way to overcome this situation because I do have problems making new friends and end up being lonely.

    1. Hi Shrey, I would take a look at the list of techniques to help you release trapped energies that are not your own. If you feel it is not your authentic self at any time, then step away and find a way to release and recapture your own energies once again. Spend time with people with uplifting, happy energies and follow websites/ blogs/ social media pages with those qualities as well. Surround yourself with the most positive people you can find to help with making friends and know when to step back from any energies that are not uplifting and positive.

  4. Great article, I was totally an empathic child (I mean, I still am! Just older now!)…100% of the definition. It’s so so important that empaths of any age know how to decompress and get some relief from the mish-mash of energies we all deal with every day. 🙂 My favorite activities were drawing and reading in a quite place. 🙂

    1. Yes! My daughter used to disappear for hours reading or playing with her toys to decompress from her day. I think there are more people who are empathic who don’t know it.

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