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Too Busy Drowning To Learn To Swim

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Too Busy Drowning To Learn To Swim

I just read a quote, “I’m too busy drowning to learn to swim,” in a teaching post. This quote disturbs me that teachers are feeling so overwhelmed and drowning from the workload that they can’t save themselves.

Do you ever feel that way in everyday life, even if you aren’t a teacher? Do you feel like you are too busy drowning in the mire of life?  How can you help yourself undo that feeling and gain strength in the lessons of learning to swim and keep your head above the water line?

Spend Time in Silence

Find that place that you can escape to, whether it be your bedroom, the backyard, a walk along the beach, etc… that gives you some alone time. Release and let go of all worries and just allow the silence to cleanse your body of its anxiety and stress.


Do you have to do everything by yourself? It might be time to figure out a way to delegate some of your responsibilities to others.  If you are a teacher, there are other ways to get grades from the students without having to grade every assignment — leaving you more time for planning.  Let family members help out more and do not stress if it is not done to perfection as you would have done.  I had to learn that lesson a long time ago.  I AM NOT SUPERWOMAN!  Tough thing to admit, but so necessary.

Give to Yourself

It is so difficult to always want to do for others, as we see a need and sometimes create a need that they need us. But, as you spend some time in silence, you must also give back to yourself in those small, special ways.  Grab a lunch out with a girlfriend and just enjoy the company.  Do not feel guilty about leaving family members behind.  Give to yourself the luxury of a nap or a bubble bath.  There is no wrong in doing this.  Also, give to yourself the company of yourself, alone, for moments in a day.


Spend some quality time with your own self exercising and getting those stress kinks out. Whether you choose the gentler route of yoga and stretching or you choose a high-impact workout, find the time to exercise your body.  You will feel better, you will look more refreshed, and your energy will begin to rise and your mood will improve.

Stop drowning under demands of the day, a lot of time due to our own choices, but learn to swim not only to keep your head above water, but on top of the water.  Life will be an easier path to follow when gliding along the top instead of floundering below the surface.

10 thoughts on “Too Busy Drowning To Learn To Swim

  1. Hello here. I like your website because people can find answers to universal questions such as how to survive or how to preserve identity and find the strength inside yourself.
    Sometimes people are concentrated on achievements outside and forget themselves.
    I think that meditation could help people to find inner peace and find answers to various questions.
    Your article is great because it gives insights about importance to be in the balance with inner self.
    When we are healthy from inside out mentally , we can overcome obstacles and reach our goals easier.
    Thanks for the good read, all the best, Nemira.

    1. Yes, my website tends to focus more of finding that inner peace that so many struggle to find. When we stand inside ourselves and look out with love, then all will right itself.

  2. So funny that you saw, “I’m too busy drowning to learn to swim,” in a teaching post because I am an experienced teacher who used to feel exactly like that myself! Then I learnt the lessons you offer above. I really find peace in taking a few minutes for myself and often ask my whole class to meditate together for 1 minute as a focus before we start a class. It’s easy for me as 90% of my students are Buddhist so practicing meditation is a cultural norm. Do you think you could help school in your country in a similar way?

    1. Thank you, Steve. I work in a public school and we have “mindfulness” time to get the kids in a space of their own to release and relax before the week begins. We also do it anytime during the day when the energy is high and palpable and no one is ready to concentrate. I find peace in the quiet moments.

  3. Once I saw the title I was very curious. When I started reading I could relate. Working as a busy sales professional I personally implement many of the things you talk about in this article. One of the biggest things for me right now is exercise. I became so engrossed in my career that I stopped going to the gym in order to get in those extra hours every week. While I did find more production on the job for a while, I saw it have a negative impact over time. There is no doubt that when you start to deny yourself time to do things for yourself, you will burn out, and eventually suffer the consequences, or as you say start drowning. Great article. What type of exercises do you feel are best for busy professionals? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. I don’t know if there is one style of exercise that fits each person, but I do think that exercising Monday through Thursday in the early evening before dinner. Then, the weekends would be better in the mornings then your day after that is open. I know that I like a more gentle exercise routine as my husband likes to go a bit harder. So, he usually gets on the elliptical machine while I end up on the treadmill at fast walk speed.

  4. Just the title of the article forced me to think that such a small line holds such a deep meaning. And then I started reading your post and believe me, it didn’t just inspired me but forced me to sit & think and give thought to the things that matter, that needs attention but we are so busy complaining that we just don’t wanna act.

    Things that you mentioned may seem common but truth of the matter is that we often neglect these common things that actually impact our lives in the long term

    This was certainly an eye opener and a reminder to sit back, relax and give things a second though.

    Thanks a lot for the article.

    1. You’re welcome, Smart Prince. I found this statement on a forum and just needed to write an article about it. Such powerful words in such a short statement.

  5. As soon as I saw this title, the first thing that popped into my head was how businesses work. I’m a software developer at a multi-national company and it seems like this phrase can be used for each and every project I get into. We have teams that jump into the deep end of the pool without even knowing how deep the water is, and then management is constantly baffled by why our projects take so long and cost so much and are “too busy drowning” to stop, take a step back, and determine the best way to proceed. This lack of foresight often leads to the “boots on the ground”, as it were, feeling this same way.

    1. Thank you, Keith for your feedback. I spend time with many people through a life-coach aspect and see this happening across many careers, even the stay-at-home parents. We get ourselves so deep into the work, but forget to step back for a bit to recharge and nurture ourselves.

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