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Holiday Love

The holiday season is fast approaching causing a bit of anxiety to rise up within many people. We are losing the love that surrounds these holidays for grander expectations beyond our control.  It is time to simplify the holidays by lacing them with love instead of anxiety.  Leave the worry out of the shopping and

Unconditional Love

The love of life is a precious gift, whether it is love from a parent to a child, from a child to a parent, or from the angelic realm to the Earth realm. Love is love. It is universal. It is unconditional when treated and shared with pureness of divine light. It is radiant and

Lessons In Love

Lessons In Love When you open your heart to receive love, you also open your heart to many lessons brought to you through love. With this love, you must remain faithful.  With this love, you must remain true.  With this love, you must continue to love yourself, unconditionally so that you may handle the onslaught

Love Is An Action

Love Is An Action There are many ways of love to be spoken, but the healthiest voice of love is through action. Action speaks louder than words.  It tantalizes the senses in all possible ways, through sight, through smell, through touch, through taste, and through sound.  It is an action that surrounds our bodies and

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