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Step Away from the Game of Life

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Step Away from the Game of Life

We often find ourselves immersed in a “race” during our waking moments and competing with everyone and often-times ourselves to win the game of life. We are rushing from place to place, event to event to accomplish something we have manifested in our minds, then rush back home to reset and do it again the next day.  Who wrote the rules to this game and why are we still participating?  It’s time to find a way to step away from the game of life and forge a path of living of your own choosing.

5 Ways to Step Away from the Game of Life.

  1. Mindfulness—Live in the present moment. When you become self-aware and more cognizant of your everyday moments, then you will find yourself slowing down and taking in the environment around you. There comes a time when the present moment is much more cherished than rushing forward to the next planned event. You will begin to see the beauty that radiates before your eyes and life settles into appreciation mode. When you are more mindful, your energy pulses peace and harmony to the surrounding space. Everyone in your proximity will feel the calmness of the moment and you will be greater aware of the on-goings of life. Your life is no longer a game, but a place of self-aware moments.
  2. Throw out the Rule Book— live with your own set of ideals; beholden to no one. Find a way to live without rules that confine your mindfulness, but guides of life that enrich and strengthen your peace. Find a new way of moving from moment to moment; activity to activity in your life without obligations. You have just thrown out the rule book, so if you wish to change plans mid-moment, then do so. You are not obligated to anyone to stay in a moment you no longer wish to experience and participate. Your guided mindfulness is of your own design. With the rule book eliminated, feel the peace settle into your soul and let mindfulness take over.
  3. Eliminate Blame— release the blame of events that do not go so smoothly to the Universe. You have no rule book, there are no obligations, there are no rules, and no one to blame; not even yourself. Life happens. Turn of events take place that are out of your control, therefore, the blame upon others is misplaced. Redirect that urge to fault others or yourself and turn to a more introspective approach or a more optimistic problem-solving method. But, blaming others builds and fosters anger and anxiety, which moves you away from a mindfulness state to an agitated energy.
  4. Stop Trying to Control— you do not have to control every part of life every moment. Step back in your newly fostered mindful state and let go of control of that which you cannot control. It’s so easy to want to be the one making decisions every moment of every day for every situation, but you do not have to do that. Life will keep moving along with or without your input. An event may not unfold as you would have planned, but it will unfold as another person has designed and that can be a good thing. It’s a nice time to step back and let others make decisions that will or will not affect your life, and you will survive the moment and the outcome. When you step into the control-stage, you are opening up your rule book and writing down your own rules. We threw that book out a few steps ago; don’t bring it back into play. You don’t need rules, nor control for events to take place. Maybe they don’t unfold as you wish and get a bit off-kilter. Who cares? When you sit in your mindfulness, you will see the humor in the situation and the absurdity of life. You can see the optimistic turn of events, without control, and offer consultation on how to help the situation instead of placing blame and eliciting frustration.
  5. Be Happy— laugh every day. You are mindful; peace has settled into your soul. You have no set rules and stressors to follow, therefore happiness and joy will creep into your soul. You will find humor in the smallest of actions and beauty in everything and anything. Life will become joyful and light-hearted. You will laugh; heartily at times, and life will be good. Release the laughter and feel the energy of light-hearted playfulness swirl around you. Your game of life is no longer a race to live, but your life is now a joy to live.


You do not need to live by the rules that others have set in their own mindsets, but by the mindfulness you have instilled and will sustain in your own life. When you seize the moments of time through joy and present-moment living, then your world becomes brighter and more colorful.  You will release stress and anxiety from your body to be replaced with happiness and harmony.

Stop participating in the game of life that sucks the life-force energy from you. Live to the fullest of your being through mindfulness, self-awareness, and love.  With this combination of living, life becomes a place of peace and harmony flowing smoothly from event to event sans anxiety, exhaustion, and frustration.

12 thoughts on “Step Away from the Game of Life

  1. Thanks for the post Kerri!

    I think your point about self-awareness is completely true. Once we realise that we can control our thoughts, and also control the way we act instead of running on autopilot, it opens a whole new world and avenue for change.

    Once we realise this, we can then also realise that we can also throughout the rulebook like you say. And begin living our lives in the manner that we want to and not what society may have dictated that we should do.

    All the best,

    1. Thank you, Jerry! I think we forget to look around at the world and observe. We have so many dreams and wishes, yet forget to let ourselves embrace them.

  2. WOW, this is insightful! I had always believed to let bygones be bygones and focus on your next step but this opens my eyes to a whole other level.

    Focusing on past regrets to keep myself on a path to hopefully not repeat that moment of failure…
    I never take the moment for what it is.
    From now on every moment, I will accept it as a gift and take more time to laugh and find happiness during my day!
    We are not ants working toward some collective good, we are individuals and should celebrate Every second that we have.
    Thanks for the post I needed this insight!

    1. You are welcome, Rob. Yes, it is difficult to see the positive aspects of something that may seem negative at the time, but you might be able to find the small nugget of happiness in the moment.

  3. Excellent advice about mindfulness! This is something that I have really been working on. Do you have any advice for maintaining mindfulness when you are worried about business or money and very stressed out? I spend too much time being worried about the future. Any advice you have would be great.

    1. You can not always predict what the future will hold because it is a changing forum due to the actions and inactions of everyone around you. When you spend your time in a more present-day mindfulness, you can clear your mind of the clutter that rattles around and keeps you worrying. When your mind is clear, the plans for your business and the creativity will be exposed to the forefront of your mind for easier viewing and gathering. Your mind is no longer busy with things you cannot control, yet filled with the creative possibilities of the future.

  4. Hi Kerri!

    I thing the key is just to follow the first one you outlined. Live the present moment.

    When you’re living the now, nothing else matters and you don’t let your thoughts or feelings take over, so that’s when you’re really alive and happy.

    We tend to be worried all the time about what’s going to happen in the future, and also regreting things we did in the past, and we end up forgeting the present.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. 🙂

    1. You are welcome, Israel. Yes, the key to living in the present moment and being aware of the time right now. One can see so much more beauty when doing so!

  5. It is definitely important to be happy. However, for someone who is deeply depressed or affected by certain emotional issues, it may not be so easy for him/her to keep themselves in a peaceful happy mode. We all seek the pursuit of happiness, we want to feel happy yet the reality of life is tying a lot of people down. As much as we want to. How many can really step away from the game of life?

    1. Thank you, Leo for visiting! I think we tend to get caught up in expectations that are not our own or set them too high for ourselves. It’s okay to release the expectations and flow with life in a more gentle fashion. Yes, there are many who are deeply depressed and/or have emotional issues. I never negate visiting with a professional if life gets too hard. For those who are not in the deep depression, a change of pace for life is just the thing that can bolster a happier outlook.

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