Solar Eclipse New Moon Ritual

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During a New Moon, you can attract your heartfelt longings by dreaming, creating, and affirming your desires. Take some time to nurture your wishes and desires while the dark side of the moon shows itself. The Solar Eclipse, this month, is granting you special time to plan for your future during this New Moon cycle.

Your intentions, which can be stated out loud or written down, will carry a lot of power to the Universe. When creating those desires and sending them off to the Universe with the power of the New Moon, be careful with your intentions. Make sure they are truly your desires and are stated in a way that allows for those to be set in motion.

Prepare A Sacred Space

You will want to allow yourself some time, 20 minutes to 1 hour, to sit within your own sacred space, or take an uninterrupted meditative walk, to write down or state your desires. Make a place of peaceful reflection to allow the energies to flow gently around you while stating and writing your affirmations.

If you are sitting during this time,

  • cleanse your space with incense, prayer, or smudging
  • set some crystals in and around your space
  • have a notebook and pens/ markers
  • light a few candles

If you are walking during this time,

  • cleanse your body with smudging or prayer
  • wear some crystals on your body
  • carry a notebook or voice recorder to record your intentions if you desire
  • listen to meditative music through headphones

Setting Your Solar Eclipse/ New Moon Intentions

This is the time you get to set your own intentions. Follow the ritual that you love and feel the most peace with when getting ready to connect deeply to the Universe. Light a candle, smudge, say a prayer to bring in the highest energies of the Divine, drink herbal tea, play relaxing music, and breathe deeply. Relax and let your mind settle into the desires and intentions for your highest good.

Write in your notebook or state aloud, “I allow these things in my life now or allow something greater for my highest good.”

List your intentions with definite authority and assurance. “I want…” or “I intend….” Your wants and desires can be big and small. Allow the Universe to give abundance in all aspects to you. We are flowing with the energies of the moon, so think of all different intentions that will flow to you in greatness; through short periods of time and longer periods of time. Balance the energies and how they flow to you.

You can place a time-frame on an intention if you so wish, for it is your desire. Be very clear and do not doubt your decision. Make your intentions with authority and assurance. There should be no wavering on these as they will occur as you intend.

Re-Setting Your Solar Eclipse/ New Moon Intentions

Do you already have intentions written down, yet would like to alter them a bit? You can do that very easily. Do not just cross them off your list, but create a new list with the intentions you wish to keep. At this time, you can add any new intentions to the list. Life changes and our desires change as well. Let the Universe know when you wish to change some of your wishes.

With a grateful heart and clear intentions, your desires will unfold before you. Be gracious in your asking, be gracious in your intentions, and be gracious in your receiving. All is allowed and all is received. So it is.. with love, with love, with love.


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