Silence in Nature

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Silence in Nature

A sport facility donated used tennis balls to my classroom for my desk legs to help soften the noise in my room. Kids fidgeting, desks squeaking on the linoleum, shuffling pages, and even that errant battery operated sharpener.  How much of our days are spent trying to remove the noise from around us?  We try to find a bit of peace among the hum of electrical appliances, mutterings from children, and cars whizzing by.

We spend so much time with constant external noise, that the lack of it surprises us. You know the feeling when the power is lost due to a storm.  Everything goes silent…blissfully silent.  No hum of the fluorescent lights in the classroom, no heater or air conditioner blowing, no students moving at all.  The power outage brings a standstill to all noise.

I find this time of silence a blessing.

One is left with their own thoughts without interference.  It’s delightful.  We can do our best to recreate this silence and peace by placing ourselves among nature.  Go ahead; give your ears a rest.  Go outside away from the television and radio.  Hike along a trail absent of traffic and cars.  Sit by a lake with nothing but the sun dancing upon the water and the wind rustling the leaves on the trees.

The sounds of nature are gentle, not harsh. They are soothing and relaxing.  You will find yourself relinquishing a hold on stress when among the natural surroundings of a forest, a park setting, a lake, and a nature trail.  Leave the humming noise of modernization behind and immerse yourself in the melodious and calming sounds of nature.

When the days feel as if sounds are layering upon sounds, retreat to a place of solitude. Remove yourself for a short time from the busy-ness of a classroom, the buzzing of electricity, and the chatter of a television.

Leave the noise behind and relish in the silence and solitude of nature.


Feel free to comment below how you find silence in your own life.  I would love to be inspired by you.


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