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Root Cause: Inflammation

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“Inflammation is now recognized as the “underlying basis of a significant number of diseases.” ~Dr. Tanya Edwards, Center for Integrative Medicine

I went through a long period of time that my body was reacting to everything I ate and ingested (even topically absorbed through the skin with lotions).  I knew there had to be a way to take care of these problems.  The more I studied, the more I circled back around to the same statement and keyword — INFLAMMATION!

I decided to tackle the biggest pressing issue with possible inflammation in my intestines, which could be the root cause of my food intolerance issues.  I am wimpy when it comes to doctors and didn’t get the tests done for celiac disease, but did get in-depth blood tests through a naturopathic doctor that showed my body in a huge state of distress with a whole lot of foods.  I was intolerant to a plethora of foods and had to figure out a way to eliminate this sensitivity somehow.  My focus was my gut health.

  1.  I had to go completely organic with my fruits, vegetables, and meats.  There wasn’t any other option for me.  I noticed that when I veered away from the organic foods, my body would have reactions again, which are completely and utterly miserable.
  2. I had to supplement my body with high-quality vitamins and minerals.  I noticed that because I wasn’t eating enough in the day, my vitamins and mineral levels were low (thanks to the blood work done through the naturopathic doctor, this was revealed).  Intuitively, I also knew deep down inside what I needed to incorporate into my diet to aid my healthy eating lifestyle.  Trust your instincts on this!  If I found myself researching and researching, ad nauseum, a vitamin or mineral, then I went with that feeling and added it into my daily vitamin-taking routine.  I was right and the naturopathic doctor’s tests confirmed it!
  3. Then, to top it off, I started using essential oils to give that extra support for my body to function properly on its own.  When my body needed support for seasonal threats, I used essential oils.  It felt great not adding in extra synthetics to my body and at the same time supporting my immune system to function properly on its own.  I was able to focus solely on my gut health.  Now, I always ask myself which oils would be the best support that my body needs when life just throws some punches to my overall body health and the food has a definite kick to my gut!  “Essential oils do not cure diseases.  Essential oils help support the body to be healthy.” ~Dr. Hill
  4. We discovered Dirty Electricity in our home and rectified it.  These high frequency energies are the root cause of so many illnesses, so we also began to address this very troubling concern.

If you make some small wellness changes in your life, your body will be thankful.  It’s time we take back our health and wellness and be advocates for our own health.  Research and gain knowledge about your own body’s issues and you may find that when you circle back around to INFLAMMATION being the possible root cause; start there!  Make the choices in your life to change that which is possibly the root cause of all that is happening inside your body.  Begin with Inflammation!

Tell me in a comment below how you are going to address the issue of inflammation in your own body.

Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor, just a woman who had reached her wit’s-end on how to get a body back to its normal function.  I am almost there fully and completely!  It’s taking a lot of research, with trial and error as to what supports and doesn’t support a healthy body, along with visits to my naturopathic doctor.  I only use essential oils as support, not for treatment or cures.  I take care of health and gut issues through organic food and high-quality supplements.

Are you ready to take back your life and be an advocate for your own wellness?  JOIN ME on this revolution to take back your wellness!  It all begins with YOU to begin on this journey of life changes for wellness.  Please leave a comment below how you address inflammation in your body.

*FDA Disclaimer:   These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

8 thoughts on “Root Cause: Inflammation

  1. Very interesting approach to health – I have never used essential oils but have spent many years studying and dealing with “gut health”. Years ago I was involved with a chiropractor who went to school at 42 because he had been in the nursery business up til then and developed a form of leukemia – I met him in his 70’s – he taught classes in nutrition – iridology – I learned about Candida – worms – muscle testing for dosage of supplements and more. It was a great learning experience. Lots to learn and many ways to arrive at the same end results when you pay attention to your body and not an MD. You seem to have things under control – good for you. Too many people around me are blinded by traditional medicine.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment. Yes, I spent quite a bit of time clearing up the Candida, which yeast in products still gives me a one-two punch sometimes in my gut. I think more people need to stop and listen to their body more as it does reveal the ways to help heal itself more naturally. I am a huge advocate for paying attention to vitamins and supplements and how they react/ interact in your body. My lifestyle definitely has changed for the better.

  2. Hi Kerri, I agree with you in that it seems like a lot of issues people have today start with inflammation.

    When you made your switch to organic foods did you also find yourself eating less processed foods?

    There is so much stuff in processed foods I wonder if that is also having a profound affect and causing inflammation?

    1. I had to eliminate all processed foods completely. My body reacted to everything. Once I got my inflammation under control, then I could add a bit of sugar back in, but very little. I eat an extremely clean diet as I am intolerant of gluten, food dyes, and corn syrup. Yes, I believe the processed foods contain a ton of chemicals that cause havoc in a body. I have been also studying the link with glyphosates and how they play a part in all of this.

  3. Hello Kerri

    I can’t thank you enough for this article, we are always so bombarded with all the things that contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle…or inflammation.

    I agree with you saying the key is in making small wellness changes, all these small changes done a step at a time can lead to a collection of things that will start to display itself in people’s bodies.

    Thank you.

    1. You are welcome, Dee. It took me a harder, longer road to figure out the root cause, but am now extremely happy with the progress. It truly only does take a small wellness change to lead to another small wellness change to become a healthier you.

  4. Wow, I’m glad you found a solution! This was particularly interesting to me as my Grand-
    daughter seems to be so sensitive to so many foods. The doctors haven’t been able to come up with any solution and she has terrible stomach pains. I believe that the natural remedies and usage of essential oils could definitely be an answer and I’ll send this article to my daughter. Thank you so much!

    1. You are welcome! Have her look at all options for Candida overgrowth. My daughter likes to use Kyolic Garlic with Candida Cleanse pills because they are easy for her to take and super-safe. She ups the dosage when she is feeling off or getting unwell.

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