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  1. Kerri,

    I am very grateful that there are still teachers like you in our system, but we need more like you.  I am not in Arizona but feel that your state is not the only one lacking when it comes to public education.  Over the years I have watched as our country keeps leaving more and more responsibility on the educators of our nation, but will not support them when the time comes.  By this I am not just talking financially but with classroom materials and safe schools for our children to attend.

    I support you teachers one and all for the wonderful jobs you do.  But for what you accomplished against the Government entities in your state is fantastic Bless you for caring so much and keep up the good job!

    1. Thank you so much! We are doing our best to give the students the education platform they need to be successful adults and citizens. 

  2. I am an education major and I love what you did. Sometimes people do not understand nor aware of the great things Public Schools has for Children worldwide. My Island has a very poor educational help in every areas needed for Public School. The school lack teachers, resources, and financial need. This is my main reason in majoring in Education. I want to go back home and help. Any advice from you will greatly be appreciated.

    1. Supporting and building the relationships with the students will be the greatest gift you can give them any day in the classroom. When they love and respect you, they will step up and take learning into their own hands. They will shine, regardless of the resources available to them. 

  3. I love the you can really hear your heart in this post.  Overall your website has a nice and welcoming vibe.  

    This post was written from a place of passion yet you weren’t over the top or ranting.  You could tell that this is important to you and that you really want to see a change.  There is frustration but yet you channel that into being pro-active.  Having hope and reaching further for the future is important and I get that from your post.  I think that you should keep on with the positive message.  I think people need to be encouraged that they have a voice and we can make that voice be heard through standing together, uniting with a purpose and a plan.  Excellent and inspiring.  A few pictures of red boots or something would just add a bit more.  Great job and just keep going and using your voice.  There is definitely an audience out there!


  4. Being a part of something to make change is something amazing. Whether someone agrees with you or not on your topic they have to admit that you at least stand for your beliefs and principles. So many people scream and argue and name call, but refuse to actually do anything.

    Good for you for standing in what you believe in. It is amazing to see people take courage and stand for change in a world where you are always being taught to comply and keep your mouth shut.

    I was home schooled and I missed a lot from learning what the education system is like, but when I went to college here in my state I listened to my teacher talk about how she had to spend her own money to buy the supplies she needed for her class room. The school did not provide it to her. Why? Because the state and federal governments did not provide it to them.

    Congratulations on standing your ground and walking.

    1. Thank you. I love that you had the opportunity to be home schooled and that you recognize the importance of public education. Yes, from Kindergarten through college, the teachers are providing for the students. 

  5. Hi, Kerri!

    I think in most states education is the lowest priority. I live in South Carolina which has some of the poorest school districts in the nation. Thanks for this wonderful story. You have reminded me of how powerful we can be when we work towards a common goal. You are an inspiration.

    1. It was a movement that swelled up quickly and became a storm within weeks. It was empowering to know that together we can move mountains and make a difference.

  6. In New Zealand it is very similar Kerri and you are doing such a great job advocating

    Education is vital for all children as they are our future and with funding drops this leads to clsures, lack of resources and teachers moving away from their careers and all of this affects our children all over the world

    Great article and I wish you more opportunities to share from your site Thank you so much

    1. I had read recently that New Zealand was going through this as well. It’s with sadness that committed, dedicated, loving individuals leave their careers working with children for something that will support their families. 

  7. Have you attended public school or university? I never knew this was happening in Arizona. On the other hand, we as a country never really paid that much attention to our education. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but i think they want the public school system they way it is know. Easily controllable.

    I am also glad you have made an impression, you and many others with your justified protests.

    By the way, your website looks awesome.


    1. I attended public school and university for my degree to be able to teach. Arizona is the focus of politicians who would like to privatize education and our prison system. It’s an economical mess here right now. 

  8. I live in Wisconsin, near the capitol in Madison, and this reminds me of the teacher protests that took place here several years ago now. Teachers were camped out on the laws and inside the capitol building itself, for, it seemed like, months on end (though I don’t think it was quite that long). It is amazing what a group of people organized around a common goal can accomplish.

  9. WOW, your article not only brings awareness but it also brings in humility

    The flow of your article is second to none. Your article brings with it a personality of tough love. I can see where your audience is captivated by your words.
    It is also very refreshing to see and read about a group of individuals trying to make a difference in a very public and strong way. To support the movement with your website is also very refreshing.
    Have you thought of including videos of this getting opinions of other concerned citizens to speak out that way?

    Great Job!!!

  10. Thank you for your persistance. It disappointing that elected representatives are so resistant to meeting the needs of children. These people are the future of the state and that is being thrown away with these tactics to keep them under-educated. Congratulations on the successes you were able to achieve and most especially on the achievement of recognizing your own strength.

  11. You made a huge difference. The politicians and the public have been educated on what teachers and their students have been dealing with for years.

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