Rise Up and Shake the World

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  1. I live in Wisconsin, near the capitol in Madison, and this reminds me of the teacher protests that took place here several years ago now. Teachers were camped out on the laws and inside the capitol building itself, for, it seemed like, months on end (though I don’t think it was quite that long). It is amazing what a group of people organized around a common goal can accomplish.

  2. WOW, your article not only brings awareness but it also brings in humility

    The flow of your article is second to none. Your article brings with it a personality of tough love. I can see where your audience is captivated by your words.
    It is also very refreshing to see and read about a group of individuals trying to make a difference in a very public and strong way. To support the movement with your website is also very refreshing.
    Have you thought of including videos of this getting opinions of other concerned citizens to speak out that way?

    Great Job!!!

  3. Thank you for your persistance. It disappointing that elected representatives are so resistant to meeting the needs of children. These people are the future of the state and that is being thrown away with these tactics to keep them under-educated. Congratulations on the successes you were able to achieve and most especially on the achievement of recognizing your own strength.

  4. You made a huge difference. The politicians and the public have been educated on what teachers and their students have been dealing with for years.

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