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Replace Your Watts- Replenish Your Energy

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I wrote this inspirational message for teachers about six years ago.  It is amazing how even more true it is now!  We all need to find the time to replace our watts to be a better person with joy and happiness.

Your back aches from bending over little desks, your eyes hurt from trying to read scribbled writing, your head feels like a balloon is pushing from the inside ready to burst, and your feet are swollen ten times too large- causing your toenails to ache. Yet, somehow you manage to muster the strength to tuck a pile of ungraded papers into your book bag and sludge out the door to your car.

You have managed to give your energy to kids’ demands throughout the day. You have lent your energy to finding that misplaced homework in a folder, or fielding the friendship drama.  You have leapt upon a chair to bring excitement to a lesson, and crawled upon the floor to interact with a group of students.  You have shared your energy with a colleague to help with a lesson idea, classroom management tip, or to enlarge your shoulders for them to be consoled upon.  You have managed throughout the day to spread your energy far and wide, with minimal complaints, with only some body aches to show.  While your energy is depleted, you have also managed to carry home grading that can be handed back in a timely fashion-all bright and cheery the next day.

But, at the end of the day, you must find some time to replace your watts in your Light energy. Let the book bag not be filled with ungraded papers for a night and allow your self some “me” time.  There are so many nourishing ways to replenish the energies you have shared throughout the day.  Don’t let your bulb go out from neglect of self; keep the Light burning strong and steady with a little care. Go for a walk, take a candlelight bath, read a book that is not related to your job, listen to music, be creative, or meditate.

The therapy for self is individualized and personal to you.

It is a joy to carve out some time to take care of your body- heart, mind, and soul. Allow the time within your day to just relax and replenish all that was given away during the day.  You can give so much more of yourself, when you know that your energy will return in full with some much-needed pampering and love.  Love yourself enough to share some time with self.  When your wattage is at its highest, then your Light is at its brightest.  With some tender loving care and some down time, you will forever be shining bright in your classroom and in your personal life.

Please share in a comment how you replenish your energy every day!  I am excited to learn and be inspired by you!




6 thoughts on “Replace Your Watts- Replenish Your Energy

  1. Dear KerriM, thank you for your knowledge.
    Does it mean that we are sharing our energy every day we give someone anything even a service as a lesson?
    We need to relax our bodies as you have said. The biggest cause of stress is the lack of body, mind, and soul rest, me I use the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ to relax my mind, soul, and body. Jesus Christ is the author of life. He came that we may have eternal life and have it in abundant. You can invite him to you, heart, today.

    1. Hi Mariam,

      Yes, there is always an exchange of energy from one person to another. It tires us out or lifts us up! When you are in church and the minister is giving an amazing sermon, his energy is flowing highly charged to you and pulling you into his excitement. Thank you, Jesus is already with me.

  2. Thank you for this, I’m guilty of carrying too much stuff for way too long. I have a saying “Don’t forget to smell the flowers”, that I have ignored for too long now. That thought popped into my head Thursday night. Friday after work I went to the flower shop and bought some flowery plants. And this Sunday night I’m reading this.

    Two signs that it’s time for me. Thank you.

    1. We have a very large full moon coming up in a week, so take some time and be gentle with yourself. Find time to relax and get a bit of sleep to replenish your energy.

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