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Protect Yourself From Negative Energy

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Protect Yourself From Negative Energy

Stand steadfast against the ocean tides that lap at your ankles daring to pull you further into the waters. Dig your toes in the sand and allow the turbulence to sway you forward and back, but not unbalance your equilibrium.  Be resolute in your stance, for this solidity of self will sustain you in your life and your teaching.  We all have those days when the waters begin churning, forcing us to steady our hold on reality, and take a stance to protect your bodies and hearts from repeated negative energy attacks.

Storm clouds threaten to disrupt your equilibrium and unbalance your tenuous hold on life. The sun begins to disappear behind rolling dark clouds, shadowing ourselves, forcing us to retreat into the safety of shelter.  Do you find you protect your heart from negative attacks as well, by retreating into the safety within your own self, erecting a wall of impenetrable strength?  Not only do you keep out the unwanted verbal assault that is fired upon, arrow by arrow, but you have also managed to lock deep within the walls your love and light.

Build up that love within your heart, increasing in intensity each day, until the walls of protection can no longer hold back the flood of emotion. Let loose your arrows of love and launch them directly into the path of negativity.  Stand strong, stand resolute, and let the light of love surround your opponents, forcing retreat upon the land and upon your heart.  Shine bright with conviction the love that you feel and share wholeheartedly that love with others.

As you increase this amazing aura of light, will you be able to stand in the waves of the ocean without feeling the weight of the waves crashing into you. Go with the tide and let the waters gently sway you back and forth, lulling you with their rhythmic cadence of time.  Release the resistance to the pull of negativity and you will find yourself floating on the waves in perfect harmony with the light of love.

8 thoughts on “Protect Yourself From Negative Energy

  1. Tank you for sharing this. I will be certain to focus on keeping my energy level higher now. Who would have thought that storm clouds effect equilibrium? I had no idea. I do agree that love will protect us from harm. Much love to you and thank you for this post.

    1. You are welcome! So many people who interact with us cause those storm clouds in our lives. They churn and swirl around and around keeping us off balance. When we support ourselves with protection from these negative energies, then we can find that peace we need.

  2. I am really touched Kerry. how you present your article is very poetic and artistic yet very profound. You intimate on how one should be resolute and maintain his or her composure no matter the storms or negative tides that comes. This is actually the life of faith that everyone should imbibe. And this faith must work by love as per your assertion. THANKS SO MUCH FOR SHARING.

    1. Thank you. It is a good practice to get into keeping yourself protected from these negative energies, especially if you are empathic.

  3. You pinpoint very good examples about how your environment and your inner “vibration” I would say affect each other. But if your inner peace or as said before inner vibration is at very high frequency then no energy can stop you.
    Also the oil diffuser banner was rather intriging how to use it and how will it protect from negative energy?

    1. Hi Sheikave,
      Thank you for your reply. Yes, it is a more pleasant experience to have a bit higher vibration as that which is not amenable will not stay near you. The oil diffuser is quite amazing. We use it in our home to place oils that purify the air. We also use it to aid our bodies during those times of high seasonal threats.

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