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Matcha Green Tea

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What is Matcha Green Tea?

Have you been looking for the next “healthy” beverage? Then you should try Matcha; it is a form of green tea that is getting a lot of attention lately.  My own family has gone a little bonkers over this new hot-ticket beverage right now!

When you drink a cup of Matcha, you are drinking finely powdered, concentrated green tea. Green tea has been used in Japanese ceremonies for centuries. With this tea you get up to 5 times as much L-theanine that green tea contains.  L-theanine, combined with caffeine has an interesting “alert calming” effect. If you don’t do very well with caffeine, limit drinking Matcha within 6 hours of your bedtime.  It may give you a more of a calm, alert “buzz” that will feel more balanced than with regular caffeine.  But, take precaution if you wish to sleep well!

Just like green tea, it has a whole host of health benefits.

 Possible Health Benefits of Matcha

  • May reduce the risk for heart disease
  • Improves immune system functioning
  • Promotes improved blood flow
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • May help inhibit cancer cell growth
  • Supports reversal of cellular damage
  • Aids in boosting your metabolism
  • May support reversal of type II diabetes

Be sure to purchase powdered Matcha green tea with only the ingredient, Matcha. Look for Japanese Matcha as you will get a more pure form of tea than if you get a Chinese Matcha, which may contain more pesticides. You will spend more with Japanese Matcha, but the quality will be better and the standards for pesticide use are more controlled in Japan.

Matcha gets its strength from the polyphenols present, which is found in many superfoods such as fruits and vegetables. It is also rich in chlorophyll which will help with detoxing your body, as regular green tea does.

Possible Side Effects of Matcha Green Tea

I found that it was easier for me to send you to WebMD to read any side effects if you would like.  It is a great outside resource for you to read more about the benefits and side effects of green tea.  Click here for the WebMD article.


Japanese Matcha Tea Ceremony Connoisseur Set (Beige) by Tealux


KENKO Matcha Green Tea Powder [USDA Organic] Ceremonial Grade – Japanese 30g [1.06oz]

11 thoughts on “Matcha Green Tea

  1. I am a great fan of matcha green tea. I spend every weekend having a cup of matcha green tea at a nearby cafe.

    I didn’t know matcha green tea has so many benefits! After reading your article, it gives me more knowledge about it and it also entices me to have a cup of matcha green tea right now.

    Is there any brands which you strongly recommend us to try? Thank you!

  2. Hi Kerry, I have only been with WA 1 week but am a 49 year old English teacher so here goes with my review.

    Overall, i love your website because it is so colourful and easy to use. Also, you have tons of content which is just amazing!

    I was directed to the matcha tea page: When you drink a cup of Matcha, you are drinking finely powdered, concentrated green tea (that has been used in Japanese ceremonies for centuries.) may sound like you are selling 100 year old tea, stale and yucky!! maybe you could write this content in 2 sentences.
    ….When you drink a cup of Matcha, you are drinking finely powdered, concentrated green tea….. Green tea has been used in Japanese ceremonies for centuries.

    i love the overall feel of the Matcha page and the link to WebMD is a nice touch…. there are two pictures at the bottom and maybe they could be better spaced out if one was placed in the text above just to give the reader more “white space!”

    i also love the comments at the bottom of matcha tea coz it make it feel authentic 😉

    looking around from that page i am not sure where to go so i am going to press about me (which could include your name) … wow what a lovely picture, you look very natural…

    in the text “better help someone else”, i would write “better by helping someone else” !!

    You will see a tabs , remove the “a” … “you will see tabs above to”

    i am now on your home page, wow, so many posts since matcha tea so i will review the top one from today!

    awesome, i think i have some empathic children in my classroom, i will remember your ideas which are well presented… just one thing “oftentimes” is a very old fashion term, maybe you meant it but the word “often” is less distracting to the reader

    anyway, i trust this is of help… please excuse my informal writing style and happy new year,

    Teacher Steve 😉

    1. Thank you for feedback on my webpage. I went through and fixed some of those little errors on my page.

      Do you drink Matcha tea? I am wondering if you like the benefits of it or not. Let me know if you see this reply.

  3. Hi,

    I like all sort of teas.I like black tea and green tea the most.
    I have never tasted Matcha, though. Now that I am reading your post I imagine the good smell of it and combined with all the positive side effects for the health, I wish that I had a cup of it right now.
    I love healthy foods and drinks, so thank you for your excellent recommendation and review.

  4. This was a really great read. I absolutely love Green Matcha Tea (and the Starbucks Green Matcha Latte), though I have not been consistent in buying it at the store, primarily because it’s either out of stock at Whole Foods when I go, or because at the local natural store it’s very costly.

    Just three days ago, I went to the Mountain Rose Herbs site to buy some of it.

    I’m sure that there are many more benefits than we could ever imagine. I am glad that you shared this review.

    Take care (though I am sure that I will not have to remind you to do that. Smile.),

    Nerissa S.

  5. I’m definitely going to try this. Anything that gives you a calm alert feeling and also still is able to improve your immune system is a win win. I’m still sticking to my black coffee in the mornings though! But this could be a good addition to the early afternoon. How much caffeine does it have compared to coffee?

    1. Hi Dan, Matcha would be a great afternoon option. It has about 1/3 the caffeine that coffee contains- about 25 mg. It will help give you that afternoon boost and focus you might need to carry on for the afternoon.

  6. You are right on your family going a little bonkers for this. Victoria and I like this very much. It tastes great too! I did not know all the information of this tea until I read your blog, thank you Kerri.

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