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Love Is An Action

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Love Is An Action

There are many ways of love to be spoken, but the healthiest voice of love is through action. Action speaks louder than words.  It tantalizes the senses in all possible ways, through sight, through smell, through touch, through taste, and through sound.  It is an action that surrounds our bodies and opens up our perceptions of love to a heightened awareness.

Think about those you love and those who love you, unconditionally. What is it that makes you exuberant and touched by love?  Is it words they speak to you?  Is it the food they feed you?  Is it the touch of a hand to your hand in times of comfort?  Is it the sight of joy upon their faces when they talk with you?  What actions do they show you for love?

It is an emotion that carries a most powerful punch when received in all its magnificence. It captures your heart in one fell swoop, when least expected.  It can be the tear of joy running down your face or the tear of sadness as you comfort the one you love.  Love is an action that defies all boundaries.  It is a sense of completeness, a sense of fulfilled trust, a sense of being an extension of those you capture within the folds of the love rays you send out.  It also is a highly charged feeling that is beyond definition, but not beyond the senses.  Taste it, feel it, hear it, see it, smell it, sense it, love it!

Feel the breeze blowing against your cheek, taste the salt air while standing beside the glorious ocean, or feel the smoothness of the ice or roughness of the sand as you bask in the light of God. Go out in nature and sense the power of the Universe, which is just outside your front door.  Stand there and admire God’s creation, for it is there for you.  Wherever you may live, you can feel and see and sense the hand of the Creator.

There among the city streets are weeds that long to stretch to the light. They are determined to survive in a place that is harsh.  There among the city parks is wildlife teeming with activity.  The birds have the most wondrous of songs filling the air; the never-ending call of love.  Stop and listen to the sounds of nature when in the park.  Breathe in the scent of its aroma.  Fill your body with the sights, smells, and sounds of nature, for this love of creation is yours to embrace.

While walking along the paths of nature, have you ever just scooped up the Earth to smell its richness? Plucked a leaf off a tree to feel its silkiness or rub its surface against your cheek?  Stopped at a bubbling brook to test its water with your toes or allowed the coolness of the water to dance over your fingers?  The magnificence of nature and the feelings of complete satisfaction when in this environment are likening to love.  Love is the feeling of completeness and utter bliss.  Feel the love of nature within your soul and know that God is touching you deep within your heart with His love.  Living among nature, walking among the plants, listening to its sounds is as close to Heaven we will become on Earth.  Love, respect, and take care of the place that helps to nurture love within your hearts-God’s animal and plant kingdom-nature.

The light of love glows brightly within your heart. Be accepting of this light and use it to shine out to the world. How do you share the light? Begin within your own families. Shine among them-teach them how to love, how to laugh, how to feel joy, and how to play.

When your family is filled with the light of the Holy Spirit and radiating brightly, then begin to share that light with your neighbors and your community. This will be a start to change for the world. Begin within your own heart-spread out among your family, shine deep into the community, which will then unfold exponentially around the world.

The blessing of loving yourself completely and unconditionally becomes a ripple effect among the world. Have your ever watched the drops of rain fall into a body of water? That one drop causes the ripples to affect the motion of the water in a 360 degree pattern. Not only is the drop of water changed by its action, but also the whole of the body of water. One direct action affects everything else. That is as it should be.

Let’s apply that to love. You love yourself, then share that love with one other person and the results grow at a phenomenal rate. They expand out from your body-you know you are not the same person because of the positive change of love for yourself, which causes change in everything else. You affect this change toward love whether directly or indirectly by that one kind act of sharing your light.

Be the change within your heart that ripples out to your family, strengthening them, which inadvertently ripples across the neighborhood and community to strengthen the world and illuminate it with divine light of love.

9 thoughts on “Love Is An Action

  1. I agree with you love is an action. What an inspirational post you have written. You sound like a person who is very comfortable in their own skin. The way you write is very mesmerizing as well very engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed reading what you have written here.

    I would say all of these are very easy to implement in daily life.

  2. You just made me wanting to run outside my house smelling the air of the universe!
    I am not sure how unconditional love works… towards yourself or others. I think all types of love are deep down somehow conditional.
    It sounds like your type of love gives an unlimited freedom to the person that is capable of feeling it.

    1. Unconditional means there are no barriers or expectations of the other person you are loving. They just who they are without demands. You can give and receive an unconditional amount of love.

  3. Thank you for writing this lovely article! Love is indeed such a blessing and we are surrounded by love in every moment. To be and radiate that energy of love is one of the greatest gifts in this life. Love is abundant, and there is plenty to go around for everyone 🙂

  4. I truly believe that one can not feel love unless you give love through action. Love yourself first before you share love to others. You won’t be able to love unconditionally unless you love yourself and show love of God’s lovely creations. Thank you for this lovely article about love.

  5. I agree with your post. For me love is an action and more than just a feeling, it is something that you need to go out and make an effort to do. Even if you don’t feel like loving someone such as being hurt by a friend, but loving by action is still possible by either words, physical contact or maybe giving presents.

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