Love For A Change

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Love For A Change

Instead of living for a change in your life, learn to love for a change. Turn your life around and learn to love yourself.  Living life is tedious and hard and mundane.  We all seem to get stuck in the routines of life and forget about taking care of ourselves.  As time moves on and the years pass, you begin to notice that you are living for a change.  You want changes in your life, not now, but yesterday.  You can turn that around and become the change-take action.

Change how you perceive yourself. Change how you perceive others.  Do you love yourself?  Do you truly deep, down inside your heart love yourself?  If the question is a hard one to answer, then you need to find a way to love yourself.  Begin with a smile in the mirror and acknowledging the wonderful being that you are.  When you capture that smile in the mirror, tell yourself how much you love YOU.  Everyday do this!  Very soon you will begin to see a change within yourself.

Don’t be so hard on your appearances, they are only skin deep. Don’t be so hard on your situation in life, for the riches of heaven are much more rewarding.  Don’t be so quick to put yourself down about anything you do, for you are a soul having a human experience.  Learn to acknowledge the loving person you are.  Learn to acknowledge your God-center, your heart.  Be gentle on yourself and allow for imperfections.  We are human beings learning to survive in a dimension of hardships and trials.  Let go of the notions that you are not deserved of all that God can provide, for God takes care of His children.  Turn your thoughts inward and seek shelter within the love in your heart, filled with Christ consciousness.

Be the change that causes love to flourish. Allow the changes to ignite a spark within your soul that keeps the eternal flame of God’s love burning bright inside your body.  Love yourself as God loves you.  Do this unconditionally.  Do not place demands upon yourself that will cause you to be harsh to your heart.  Be gentle and kind and remind yourself daily how much you love YOU.

As you love yourself, those around you will notice a change. You will see the world from a more loving perspective.  Be the change within your heart to make the change within your life.  As you make these changes and love yourself, you will notice many aspects of your life becoming easier.  You will see a brighter tomorrow because today, the now moment was glorious.  Feel the love permeating the air around you and feel the love swirling emotions inside and outside your heart.  You are the change within your life.  You love for a change.

How do you love yourself everday?  Please drop me a comment below so that I may be inspired from you.

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