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Look Within For Answers

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Look Within for Answers

Look within your own self for the answers that plague your mind.  There comes a time when the questions that keep rolling around your mind need answers, yet those that you hear never seem satisfactory.  Look deeper within yourself and listen in silence for the answer.  It is there and will appear when all struggles of mind are redirected and centered.

You notice those unanswered questions are leaving you awake at night.  Tossing and turning is not helping you get the rest you need and further pushing your own thoughts into chaos and disorganization.  Find a place and a moment of time to sit, unencumbered, with no external distractions.  Let go of the feeling that all needs to be taken care of and solved at this very second.  Sit in peace, releasing all stress.  Allow your thoughts to leave your head, giving room to stillness.

When within this space of stillness, ask the question that has been plaguing you the most.  Don’t expect an answer right away; it will reveal itself in time, in its own way.  Be open to all modes of communication because the answer lies within your very heart.  Listen for it and embrace it when it shows itself.  You may be surprised if the answer shows up in something you read or a song you hear on the radio.  Recognize the solution for what it is and give thanks.

Sometimes a solution for one person is not the same solution for another person.  You must personalize the question for yourself and accept the answer that feels right when filtered through your heart.  Let the question remain within your heart and the solution to it will reveal itself in time.  Be aware that the method in which it is delivered will be tailored to you and your needs.  Find the moments of silence in which you can reflect upon your most pressing problems and be patient, for the answer will soon follow.

8 thoughts on “Look Within For Answers

  1. What a lovely reminder. We always tend to look outside of ourselves for answers, when usually the best place to look is inside. Oprah wrote a piece on this. She said when you are confused about your next move don’t do anything, just get still and quiet and the answers will come. I usually find this to be true, although sometimes I’ve been confused as to whether what comes to me is my own resistance. Looking back sometimes it is and sometimes it’s a gut feeling warning that I’m going in the wrong direction. How would your distinguish between these two possibilities?

    1. I always filter through my heart and gut as to whether it feels right. If there is any resistance and my heart doesn’t skip a beat and get excited, then I am not at my answer yet. I find so much peace in the stillness and quiet.

  2. This is very helpful advice and just what I needed to hear. I’ve been struggling with indecision on some important matters. Staying in my mind and overanalyzing has not worked at all. While it is sometimes challenging to sit with the discomfort of not knowing, I know it will be very helpful to do this practice. Sometimes when I don’t hear the answer right away I become discouraged. It helps to remember that sometimes we need to listen longer. Eventually the answer will come.

    1. Yes, eventually the answer will come. It may not be the answer you wanted to hear, but the one that is aligned with you vibrationally.

  3. Great Post!. We tend to neglect our powers and ask for guidance from within. This article is easy to read and follow. It is also inspiring to always to remind myself to ask and seek within me. Really good post. I am sure that a lot of people will find this very useful. Meditation is very powerful and beneficial to those that uses it.

    Have a great day!

    1. Yes, I find my most peaceful time is during meditation, which can be a sitting meditation or a walking meditation. It’s good to get lost in silence for a bit.

  4. Lovely post. I really enjoyed it. The tossing and turning at night spoke directly to me. I’ve worked hard on a sleep routine, which reduces this.

    With smartphones these days, I find myself reflexively reaching for my phone whenever I have a moment free. I’m trying to re-train myself to not do this as regularly.

    1. Thank you, Dave! Yes, I have had to stop picking up my technology in the middle of the night as well. I find myself drifting back to sleep much faster.

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