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Live Life As Your Authentic Self

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Live Life As Your Authentic Self

When you are self-aware of your own truths and deep inner wisdom, and live those truths without pretension then you are validating your authentic self.

Who are you?  This is not who you were raised to be, but what your answers are in life.  These are beliefs and feelings that you know to be true.  You spend a lot of time listening to your inner compass.  There is a deep resonance of affirmation deep inside your soul.

When you spend some time on inner reflection, then your inner wisdom is revealed.  At this time you recognize your own truths and those that resonate; those that vibrate within your heart.

Are you ready to remove and release all pretenses and facades that are hiding your authentic self?  Begin the process of discovering your own feelings and your own beliefs that sit deep within your heart — your own truths — and live them with grace, humility, and integrity.  Be true to yourself and hold your inner thoughts, feelings, and beliefs with pride.

Your authentic self is rooted in your deepest beliefs, values, and living — pulling out the truth in all those aspects.

Ways To Live Life As Your Authentic Self

  • Stay truthful to yourself and others
  • Do what you love, love what you do
  • Live with happiness
  • Be honest
  • Live with self-awareness; a clear observation of your thoughts, feelings, decisions, and actions
  • Speak your truth
  • Embrace the passions that make you happy (places, hobbies, people)

10 thoughts on “Live Life As Your Authentic Self

  1. I really love your post:) So many people live the life that must live not what they really want, so many people are what others want them to be, not what they really are….
    Who are you? This a question all of us should ask. Are we…our truth self? Can we be? What stop us to be truth? The society? The money problems? The MUST of the life?
    Thanks for so nice reading:) I enjoyed it 😉
    I always try to be myself but I can’t every time. I want to be free, to not care about problems, to to what I really want to do …I always choose what make me happy and I try my happiness to not hurt other people. I like to be honest, truth but this sometimes hurts people…
    What do you think?

    1. I think we set up our own standards so high that we fail to reach them sometimes. We are trying to be something other than our own true selves. When we step into our own space, it is the most amazing feeling; incredibly empowering!

  2. I think there are a lot of home truths in your writing here.

    I think a lot of us live trying to make others happy or at least trying to seek the approval of others.

    This can be with family, friends and also the work place.

    I think the biggest one is honesty, and if you can be honest with yourself, then the other points will fall into place!

    I think it is good to live knowing your self worth and often people don’t which is a shame!

    Never underestimate your own ability or worth!

    Thanks for the information!


    1. You are welcome! We don’t give our own selves the attention it is craving, when what we need is always deep inside our hearts. We can stand so strong in our own power with our own truths and be incredible people; confident and strong.

  3. Great post! We often forget who we are and just transform into something the world wants us to be. I think the world will be a better place if everyone could just be who they really are.

  4. This article is wonderful and I find it moving. I have been reading several books to allow me to get in touch with my inner self. You can not truly know who you are until you get in touch with your inner self. It is also the key to being truly happy, as well as the key to boing successful.

  5. I love your article; I find it motivating. I know the person I want to be and I know there is a better life out there for me. I feel being trapped in my dead-end job (I can’t quit due to losing my pension and other benefits) is stopping me from living the life I want to live. I know the life I want to live and wish I could pursue it full-time. I have built a world outside of my job by blogging about activities I love doing. I also have an e-store on Shopify selling baking products, as baking is one of my passions. It will be many years before I can leave my job and receive full benefits, but as I keep pursuing my passions to make a profit part-time, then I will be ready when time comes when I can pursue them full-time.

    1. Yes, Karin, I am doing the same thing! I am pursuing my dreams to open up my more authentic self and move away from a career that no longer serves my heart complete joy. Best to you on your journey forward.

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