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Lessons In Love

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Lessons In Love

When you open your heart to receive love, you also open your heart to many lessons brought to you through love. With this love, you must remain faithful.  With this love, you must remain true.  With this love, you must continue to love yourself, unconditionally so that you may handle the onslaught of emotions from others.

There are others who are not vibrating from a higher consciousness and what they present as love is not love at all, but a lesson for you to move through and conquer. There are times we meet others who share our ideas, share our thoughts, and share our feelings of ourselves.  Sometimes, the image you portray, the mirror of you, is not always the most desirable.  You will feel that you are receiving love and you are “in love,” yet you are just going through the emotions to feed the ego.  Allow yourself to move away from this type of love.  Allow yourself to break the binds that hold you steadfast in this type of love.  For the type of love you should surround yourself in is love of Christ.  When you surround yourself in this high vibrational love and you feel this way about yourself, then you will begin to repel those who are not projecting a most loving image to you.

The Ego Loves to Be In Control

There are so many people who fall “in love” only to find that this love does not work out and is a fleeting thing. That is because the ego is involved.  The ego is being satisfied with this fleeting love, so is happy.  Your heart is not happy.  Too many jump into marriage only to find that the person they were married to is not operating at the vibrational high that they are or that their self-acceptance of self is not changing course or the love for self is not increasing.  Whatever the reasons are to marry and then divorce is multiple and as diverse as the people in the world.  But, a main ingredient of discourse is love; love for self and others.  These are tough lessons to handle at times and some don’t always overcome the challenges.

When the ego plays hardball with your emotions, the fall from false love is quick and hard. It is not easy to change your heart to pure love, to tell your ego it is no longer needed to help you find love for yourself, nor to make the decisions in your life.  These lessons are what the poets have written about, the playwrights have prose about, and the artists have depicted in countless artwork.  Love emotions can be played by the ego, giving you a false sense of security, a false sense of self, and a false sense of love.  Turn away from the emotional roller coaster that is being presented to you and turn toward the only love that is real…divine love.

Divine Love Will Not Trick You

Divine love will not trick you into thinking it is pure and vibrating at a high level of consciousness-it is. Divine love will not create false feelings within your heart, mind, body, and soul because it does not need the drama, the emotions to survive-it is coming from a pure place of love; Christ.  Divine love does not set out to teach you lessons, you learn those all by yourself when you allow the ego to step in and be in control.  Divine love is unconditional.  Divine love is pure.  Divine love fills your heart with enough love for yourself and others.  You will never need to worry about how to get love- you have it within you, always.

This is the way to avoid learning these lessons of love. When you replace the lessons of love that you experience and live everyday, love that is coming from the ego, with pure, divine love from God, then your lessons are over.  You will no longer be the victim of ego.  You will no longer be the victim of circumstance, for the ego plays off these happenings to gain more power.  You will be a survivor of the lessons in love.  You will be the survivor and be able to help not only yourself, but those around you who are still victims within this ego’s game.

Accept the Lessons As Lessons to Change Your Life

When you find that you are moving through a lesson in love, step back and observe. Look at what is happening, without reaction.  See the emotions that are being played and stop the game.  These lessons are tough, wake-up calls for changing your life.  Are you tired of riding the roller coaster that the ego owns?  Are you tired of moving through life feeling horrible about yourself, criticizing yourself, being critical of others, judgmental, stuck in a relationship that is not filling your heart with unconditional love, and being a zombie in a world of beauty?  Then, it is time to stop accepting these lessons as lessons and change your life.  Fill your heart with love that is pure and unconditional.  Stop allowing yourself to be the victim and become a divine being in the eyes of God.  Empower yourself instead of letting the ego be the powerful controller of your body.  You have the power to stop the madness and learn from these low vibrating lessons in love and become One with the Creator.  You are his child and you deserve the purest love, unconditionally.

11 thoughts on “Lessons In Love

  1. Hi Kerri,

    Thank you for such a beautifully written article. I very much enjoyed reading it and its just what I needed today. I think the most important thing I will be taking away from your article is to love myself cause looking back at my past I never did and that is why ended up where I was.

    Thanks again for the wise and positive words.

  2. HI
    I really liked the article but I still want to know how do you understand if a person is in the same vibrational level as you are? To be honest, when in a relationship all we think about is that this is true love and there is no way you can fall out of it. So, how does one realize they are in true love and when it is just a momentary feeling?

    1. You will feel that peace when you are in the same vibration with another. You don’t have to always talk about your day, but just be in the same space to recharge and re-energize. Another thing is that you light up when you see your vibrational match at any time during the day.

      1. Yes, I have observed that the vibrations change over time with a few people. Is that okay? I mean initially you feel good but after a while it feels like you want to stay away from them.

        1. Yes, over time, you may notice that the vibrations and energies change as one person’s vibrations may get higher. It’s an okay thing.

  3. Having been the previous counselor, I have to agree that many people marry only to later break up and realized they were never actually in love. More so they were love with the thought of love. I can understand what you’re saying about vibrations being equal to that of the one we want to spend the rest of our life with. It’s hard to bring up a lower vibrating person to a high vibrating person. Your whole article is very inspiring. Thank you for the great article.

  4. Excellent words of wisdom.. I also believe that through Love of ourselves we will emit that Love to all those around us. If we love ourselves we feel happier. There are times that when we feel down and discouraged and we cross paths with someone that is very happy in their world that happiness passes to you also and lifts your own spirits.
    I feel you are very connected to the universe. Excellent information you are sharing on this site.

    1. Thank you, Monika! I love spreading joy and happiness. Loving ourselves just radiates to everyone around us. You know those who are confident in their love for their own self and can feel yourself drawn into their energy. I am deeply connected to the Universe and anchored in its light.

  5. You are very insightful. You are very positive, loving person, and that makes others that way as well. We should love ourselves and be true to ourselves; when that happens others will see that and follow that same path.

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