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Leaving the Past Behind

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Leaving the Past Behind

Goodbye, Yesterday. Hello, Today!

Leave the past behind and find your time in the present moment. Be available now and see life now.  You’ve heard the phrases, “What you dwell on will repeat itself,” or something along those lines.  Stop dwelling.  Stop repeating.

When you look back an hour, a day, a month, or even a year ago, what do you see and what do you wish to leave in the past? It’s okay to shake off the uneasy feelings and be free of that which did not serve you any good during the past.

We feel obligated, for some unknown reason, to continue moving along on the same hierarchal path our parents have placed us on and we have continued to gravitate. It’s okay to move off the path that was set for you for the future by someone else (ahem, your parents), and move to that which brings you joy.

Maybe your parents didn’t always fulfill the dreams they wanted and want more for you. It’s an okay measure to change your course of action and fulfill your own dreams.  They must be fostered within your heart or they will not come to fruition.  A dream of someone else’s choosing will not come to fruition in your own soul, but fester inside until you no longer can stand the path or you break down with anxiety.

If you have made choices in the past due to your own making, not that of parents or someone influential in your life, then it’s an okay thing to let those past choices leave your space as well. Sometimes choices are made in the moment, but not for long-term.  Sometimes friends are made in the moment, but for lessons to be learned, not for long-term.  Sometimes interactions through acquaintances become stepping stones to the next big piece of your dream.

But, you do not need to hold onto them forever.

Life changes can be made at any stage of your life. Don’t look back, but look forward.  Drop any dreams that are not fulfilling themselves and shoot higher with the energy.  Reach further and stretch your dreams higher to encompass your heart and soul.  When you feel the excitement race into your body, hold onto it and ride it for the length of its stay.

Do not listen to others as to the path you should carry yourself, for their path and feelings are different than yours. Accept yourself with grace and respect others with gratitude for their concerns, but do not dwell upon the opinions of others.  Their life is not your own.

Leave that which you no longer desire in the dust of the past and encompass the new energy of the moment time to propel you forward to the future.

The winds will lead you in any direction of your choosing. What will it be, dear, the past of stagnancy and unfulfilled dreams or the present moment of urgency with exciting energy ready to launch you to the future?

Your Ballgame… Your Court… Your Choice!


6 thoughts on “Leaving the Past Behind

  1. Fantastic article. Too many people choose to dwell on past mistakes and it holds them back from a better future. Living a life without regrets is so important. When I was fresh out of high school I didn’t know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life but my parents and grandparents told me I had to have something to “fall back on,” so I went to cosmetology school because it only took six months to finish. But I soon found out that wasn’t the line of work for me. It wasn’t until I was in my late 30s before I finally figured out that I needed to do what felt right for me, which was go back to school and become a medical transcriptionist. We need to be true to ourselves first.

  2. Lots of great information, Kerri. I had not heard of Matcha green tea before, but sounds like the concentration of the tea is really beneficial. I plan to try it.
    Your website is very well done how it breaks up the topics you are an expert in. I like the soul, body and mind pages; lots of good information. I too believe we are triune beings and, as such, the more we access each function, the greater our lives become. Blessings!

    1. Thank you, Karen. I believe if you like regular green tea, then you will love the benefits and taste of Matcha. Thank you for the great comments about the rest of my site.

  3. Hello here. I perfectly understand that you would like to tell in your article about leaving the past behind and moving on.
    Unfortunately, it is not so easy. It takes time. Some of techniques such as meditation can help. It relaxes mind. We can think clearly, without emotions after practicing mindfulness.
    I think that it is important to love ourselves. When we love ourselves, we can understand that the past is gone. It does not do any good to go over what happened or why somebody not happy with us.
    Letting go is a bliss. Not everybody is capable to do it.
    I hope that your website would help to understand how to navigate in life and get help for themselves.
    All the best, Nemira.

    1. Thank you, Nemira. Yes, meditation is great to help relax the mind. I linked to one of my other posts that mentions meditation. I do think it does take time, but its good to get started and find time for yourself to achieve that goal, letting go of the past, one step at a time. Thank you for stopping by.

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