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Joy, Joy, Joy

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There is a new sound in the air that rings of Joy and happiness. Open up your hearts this holiday season to see the world from a lens on love and light.  Let go of the lenses that filter that love out and leave only despair and heartache, yearning and wanting.  There is no greater want than the love that permeates the air with the season of giving and receiving.  Leave the expectation of getting at the front door when you enter a house of a family member or a friend, and embrace the feelings of giving to those you love, wholeheartedly, without reservation.  This season of love is not about what we receive, but how we can give a piece of our love to another being and accept that feeling with unconditional love and joy.

Be the one who steps into the role of giving to others without the attachment of having to receive anything in return. In time, that which you shall receive shall be a greater reward.  Your heart will flourish with love for others and yourself.  Your perceptional lens will only see with the joy and goodness that a holiday of giving will reveal.  Step back and see the joy on the faces of those who receive and feel the joy permeate from their hearts to the air around you.  Step forward into that air and absorb the love into your heart — binding the feeling from one divine human being to another.

Embrace the love.

Embrace the joy.

Cherish the memories and be happy and content with that which flowed through your family and friends; Joy, Happiness, Goodness, and Love.

Please share in a comment how you have given to another and brightened their holiday season.


2 thoughts on “Joy, Joy, Joy

  1. The older I get, the more I realize that a generous spirit is the key to peace of mind. At least this has proven true to me.

    The holiday season brings so many emotions and not all good. It doesn’t help that our children are highjacked by television and the media with a curse of greed. This is all the more reason to stay centered and at peace.

    1. Thank you, Gary. Yes, we get lost in the hustle and bustle of the commercialism of the holidays. It’s nice to center and ground yourself and find the joy in the holiday season.

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