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As the presidential election got closer, I found myself bewildered by the comments from others that they would vote for a person based on gender, race, or wealth status. I found that horrifying and quite mystifying to my own beliefs that I hold strong within my own heart space.  I have never found myself voting for a person to hold a high office, or for any other position where I was given a voice to vote, by choosing them according to what their skin color depicted or whether they were a certain gender.  That concept confuses me to this day that so many choose to judge based on the outside characteristics of someone instead of their inner characteristics of their heart, mind, and soul.

Jeepers, my standards are held high for someone that I may choose as a role model for my children to aspire to be someday or to emulate. That person must hold an incredible height of integrity within their hearts and walk with that integrity every moment of every day, regardless of the situation and tempting choices thrown in their pathways.  Life is messy, but holding ones’ integrity as a banner and proudly carrying it the whole path of life is quite admirable.  I have known many women and men who carry those flags of integrity humbly and with little fanfare.  Yet, they display those qualities over and over and over again without selfishness or resentment.

I have seen men and women with incredible solid integrity walk through trials of life with grace and humility. Their spines are made of steel and their hearts are filled with overflowing love.  They speak gently, yet with honesty.  They don’t bend the truth to will the world their own way for their own selfish gain.  They humbly accept that which has been placed in their path and move forward in life after the fire has died down.  They are the ones you see comforting others even through their own times of grief and sadness.  They are the ones telling honest, straight answers that aren’t always well-received, but are words that are needed to be stated. And, they are the ones who lift others up through words and actions of their own choosing, without monetary gains, to keep the hope and dreams of another to continue to be woven into a glorious life.

These men and women are the strong walking among us, who have hearts, hands, and words of healing. They move through their own lives with integrity, honesty, kindness, compassion, and love without recompense.

My choices for this election were not the choices I would have liked. But, when I look ahead to the future of my life and the lives of my children and their future children, I know in my heart that I had to use my voice through a vote that does not take away from my integrity and my heart love.

I had to make a choice not based on gender, skin color, or wealth status.  I had to make a choice that gives my children a role model with a strong spine for holding up the weight of the stresses of the world right now, a heart filled with love and compassion, hands that will get dirty alongside the rest of us to humbly help when others are falling under the burden of life, and with a mind that holds integrity at its forefront for every decision made; even under tumultuous pressure from others to decide otherwise.

My role model bar is set exceptionally high; what about yours?

Please feel free to leave a comment below.  Understand, though, that I did not say who I chose for this election, nor will I ever do so, but do hold a high amount of respect for the choices any person makes.


10 thoughts on “Integrity

  1. Thank you for the voice from your soul! You are so right and I agree 100%. But how do we know whether someone is honest, not egoistic and has good intentions? There is no way to know unless we meticulously analyze what they said and did previously in their life. Moreover, if someone is rich and famous, it doesn’t automatically mean that they are not honest or kind. How can we know whether that or this candidate is good or bad, if we don’t know how good are people who we live with! It is complicated…

    1. Margarita, thank you for your comment. I think we have to observe without judgement and feel deep within your heart what qualities of integrity that align with your own feelings. It’s so easy to jump to conclusions about a person without settling their energy into your own heart space for a bit and feel the vibrations. Then, we can find the integrity we wish to see from our own perspective. It is complicated, but we all must respect the perspective from which another observes and let them decide for themselves what the integrity of another person should look like.

  2. Hi Kerri,
    What a nice uplifting post to read after listening to “bad news” all day.
    It is crucial that we be the role model we want our future generations to be. We must work on our body, mind and spirit together as one. As we become great as individuals, we become great as a whole society.
    Cheers, Oren!

    1. Thank you, Oren! I think we, as a society, forget to step up and be the role models for the younger generation. It’s time to gather together and right this world a bit.

  3. Hello, thanks for expressing your opinion about the election. I think that it is a painful topic for the whole world, not just for Americans. The America is so powerful that decisions made by the government have the impact to all humankind. In this case, I did not see any candidates with a sense of integrity. I think that people who elected next president will see consequences sooner or later. I hope that history will nor repeat itself. I read one article from the historian who questioned about next Ferdinand Duke. This historian explored cycles from thousands of years ago and saw coincidences with events what is going now. I wish that he would be wrong and America would be an example how to overcome obstacles and show integrity with empathy to the world.
    All the best,Nemira.

    1. Thank you, Nemira. I wrote this article with my daughters in mind worried for the role models that they must look up to and rather disappointed in the choices all around. I have raised my daughters to be strong-minded individuals, so I know they see through the rhetoric and hopefully continue to live their lives with integrity.

        1. Thank you, Nemira! It is important and so many times we see others struggling with this. It’s a great choice for us to be role models and set the examples for others to see and emulate.

  4. Kerri,

    Your article was very beautifully written. It’s very reassuring knowing there are full hearted people like you sticking up for Integrity.

    Putting your kids and future grandchildren ahead of everything is very selfless and I strive for your heart. Knowing the situations of this election, it’s great to see your kindness shine above all the negativity.

    All the best,


    1. Harper, thank you for your comment. I think there are more kind hearts out there than are announced. Thankfully, I have a forum to do so.

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