Ignite Your Flame

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Ignite Your Flame

There’s a place inside of all of us where something more divine than our own selves resides and guides our every moment and action. We sometimes listen to this divine self with reverence.  Yet, there are times we forget this divine self and find ourselves lost and confused.  Our world feels rocked and unbalanced.  Use this time while reading this page to sit in silence for a moment and center yourself in the space you are in.  Empty your mind of chatter and let yourself go deep within your heart space to ignite the flame within that holds the energy of the divine.  Visualize the flame increasing in strength.  Visualize the flame increasing in height and intensity.  Feel the flame take over your heart space and fill up the void and dark that was taking over this space.

The energy is palpable; life giving.

If you have a hard time sitting quiet in this heart space right now and your mind is racing with thoughts you cannot let go then get outside and walk. Step on a path of nature and walk.  Listen to the breath of life flowing in and out of your own self.  Allow yourself to drift into a space of contemplation.  Be one with nature and feel your breath giving you life energy.  Center in the time of the least resistance and allow all those thoughts that obstruct your mind to release and those thoughts that lift you up and raise your vibrations to flood in.  Walk, breathe, release, and accept.

Walk, breathe, release, and accept.

The emotions of life will flow out of you. The emotions of life will flow into you.  Allow this interchange with nature and the Universe to consume you, center and ground you.  Sometimes, you must take control of that which is weighing you down and release it to the Universal energy through a means of release and acceptance; through give and take; through laughter and tears.

Feel the strength of life pulsing in your heart and igniting the flame that was dimmed through the trials and tribulations of life. Nurture that flame with continued walking meditations and thoughtful interactions with the Universe by tapping into the energy that is great and grand.  Let that energy beat inside your heart and remain there while walking and releasing and allowing.

Your flame will glow bright once again and you will be nurtured through the love of the Universe. Your heart will heal.  Your flame will strengthen and you will be a powerful energy force of love, light, joy, compassion, and kindness.  Most of all your flame will be vibrant!

Shine on, dear one, shine on!


What are your plans to help get your light shining again?  Please feel free to comment below and inspire me with your light.


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