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I Found Solace Within

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​I found solace within myself this summer. I decided to take a much-needed break from all that was in my sphere. I am a classroom teacher who almost burned out this past school year. The energy in my classroom was full-on intense this past year, which coupled with my more empathic nature and extreme level of maintaining patience and understanding and compassion, I over-extended my energy levels and tanked; completely.

I stepped up many weeks to ask for the Universe to supply an endless stream of energy for me, but as soon as my guard was down, the daily energies of highly-engaged, full-of-life students pulled me back down at times. I could see many Indigo children in my classroom and saw them struggling to maintain their energy levels as well, which translated to a bouncy ball effect for them most days.

For those who have hit the wall of exhaustion, complete and utter exhaustion, you know my feelings. For anyone who has not felt it yet, there is a weight that just sits on your body that is so intense and consuming. It takes time to lift itself up and off; even with sleep and a healthier life style.

There is an energy that is there that must be cleared and moved away, which is attached to your own aura and body. It took me a month to get to feeling like my own self. I absorbed energies that were not mine and found them consuming and draining to my body. I ate more ice cream. I gained weight. My pants no longer fit. I felt horrible and tired.

I found solace within my own self this summer. I spent some time in a place that always gives me that quiet space to just release and let go. It is a safe place to rest and relax without any demands upon my mind, body, or soul.

I hiked. I sat. I read several books. I laid in the sun. I laughed. I observed. I loved. I released.

With this inner work taken care of and my body back to feeling like my own, I realize that I have no concern to take on others’ energies; from adults and children. I know that my intuition is heightened and aware of my surroundings. Yes, I do pick up the bullshit energies that are swirling around a person. I do choose to step back from those energies and give no power to them.

In order to not leave my career at the end of the year feeling as depleted as I did this past year, I must maintain a distance from those who do not always have the best energies. Some may think of me as stand-offish, which is so far from the truth, but I must keep that distance so as not to absorb energies that are not my own. When one’s energies are at peace, so are mine.

My solace will remain intact, my peace in place.

15 thoughts on “I Found Solace Within

  1. I love this post. It’s always good to take a break if life just gets too hard. You need to remember the simple things and you should always take care of yourself. I’m really in to self-improvement and doing the things you enjoy is always good for breaks. You have a great website.

    1. Yes, taking a break is quite a necessary part of our lives. We need that time to center, ground, and recharge ourselves with love, light, and peace.

  2. Sometimes we all just need a break. It’s ok to stop if you find yourself struggling and really feeling like losing it. It’s best not to even let yourself get to that point. For most of us that requires saying no to others sometimes and even saying no to ourselves. Many times we place expectations on ourselves that noone else places on us but just ourselves. Taking time to breathe and relax an enjoy your surroundings and people and life gives us a chance to renew our spirits. Sometimes I realize I have a great front porch at my house and I haven’t even taken the time to sit on it and enjoy it. Got to make that happen!

    1. Absolutely! I find that I take care of everyone else forgetting that I have my own inner nurturing that needs to take place as well. Your porch sounds like a wonderful place to relax and recharge your own self!

  3. Kerri, thank you so much for this article. I have been dealing with a lot let downs lately. I have a son that has leukemia and he is only 20 years old he’s been diagnosed for 2 years now. I keep asking why this has happened. I have tried so hard to have my own businesses. I have an online jewelry business and have not made one sale in four months. I did a festival this past Saturday and a friend of mine and I shared a booth. She was selling like hot cakes and my stuff was just there I got 3 sales, she got innumerable sales. It was so bad until she and her daughter bought items from me. I know that they were trying to help but pity sales only add to the embarrassment. Anyway, long story short. I am fighting depression. It’s hard when everything I touch or try turns to crap. I feel like my life has been one huge failure. And I pray but I still have to live with myself. And it is very discouraging. Your article helped me to see that it is possible to find rest within but I sure hope I can find it before it’s too late.

    1. First of all, my best wishes to your son to overcome Leukemia. Please take a look at the New Moon post as it may help you set some intentions and break up the blocks. Solar Eclipse New Moon Ritual Let me know if I can spend some time sending you some Infinity Healing to help break up blocks,  cost free, and send some to your son as well.

  4. I read your article intently and I could recognize all too well the feeling. It is interesting though that this feeling that you are describing is an alarm bell from our body, mind, soul and spirit to us who occupy this space to remember who we are and call ourselves back to “sanity”
    At the same time we need to better learn to not spill ourselves out, as not everything has to be emotionally based and as you correctly state maintaining a distance from people who carry unhealthy influences is very wise
    Keep up the good work as the job you have prepares the future of the human race and as far as I am concerned it is more important than the president’s job

  5. Last night I heard a talk that was on a similar note. Not sure what it means yet, but I will be listening for the reason. Many of us are finding there are new things we have the opportunity to learn during these times. I am glad you offer a solution and have not left it as just as a problem. I appreciate the suggestions of how you healed yourself. Great pictures as well. Thank you!

  6. I am in transition right now from one job to another. I have about a month of down time until I start the new one. This past week of no work has been so uplifting and peaceful to say the least. I left a job of stress and negativity that I could’t get away from. This article came to me at just the right time. I will keep what you have said in mind with a fresh start at my new job. Thanks!

  7. This was certainly an educational page for me, and I will remember it every time I am attempted to allow the bad energies of another overpower me. Your solutions to taking care of the problem of being burned out are outstanding. Please consider some future comments on what people with less time might do in a similar situation.

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