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How To Find Dirty Electricity In Your Home

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We were introduced to the concept of “dirty electricity” when a friend had posted on social media about the issues his family was having with high frequency energies in their house. He was trying to figure out why his family was getting sick and having aches and pains all the time — this is a young family.  So, he posted about the high EMF (electro-magnetic field) signals in his house that he discovered by using a Microsurge Meter to test his outlets.

We were intrigued at his discovery as we hadn’t thought about the high EMF’s that may be present in our home. We have a smart meter on our house that is provided and connected to the electric company for billing and services.  When we discovered that we had the smart meter, we researched further to find out that we could possibly have high energy fields in our house.

What Is A Smart Meter?

In very simple terms, a smart meter, which is pulsed radiation is replacing analog meters by the electric, gas, and water companies. Smart meters, (also called AMI or AMR), are part of the “Smart Grid” that customers pay for, eliminating the need for electric meter readers.  They are part of a sophisticated wireless grid system that is harming our families.  Understand that smart meters are installed without full consent from the home buyer/ builder and are lacking full disclosure of how the data they collect is used.

A Very Real Health Concern

Thousands of studies are showing links to many health problems related to the high frequency energies emitted from these smart meters and the high radiation exposure. Many customers have complained about a multitude of health concerns:

What Can You Do?

My husband purchased two items to begin. First he purchased a Smart Meter Guard RF Radiation Shield Cover to place over the meter on the outside wall of the house.  Thankfully, we don’t have a bedroom wall on the same wall as this Smart Meter, just an exterior wall.  Then, he purchased the Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter to test all the outlets in the home.

I was always curious about one particular wall in our home in the den that is a half wall separating the den from the living room space. When my sister visits, she tries to plug her phone charger into the wall there and it doesn’t function properly.  She always ends up moving her phone charger to another outlet in another room.

We were hoping to read the volts per second from our outlets below 50, but were in for quite a shock. Most of our outlets were showing measurements from 150 to over 600 volts per second.  The one wall that concerned me and the den, was reading 1800 volts per second.  1800 volts per second!

We are getting ready to purchase Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters for our outlets. We will start with the outlets that are at the greatest output of volts per second — the den’s half wall! — then get some for the remainder of the rooms in the house as our budget allows.  Our health is a great concern as we all have issues that have arisen since we have lived in homes with smart meters.  If you have not looked at this grand issue for your families’ health, you really should.  It’s a matter of being a healthy, safe family or one that is always plagued by health concerns.

EDIT: Our preliminary results with the purchase of 4 Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters

We received our filters in the mail and concentrated on placing them in the area of most concern — the den.  A reading of 1800 volts per second dropped to 19 volts per second with two of the filters placed on the inside of the den and one on the outside wall of the den down the hallway toward the bedrooms.  The den is quite small, so we wanted to place them in the right place to interrupt the electric circuit.  We did that quite well!  Then, we placed two in the living room on each side of the room.  This was a great placement as it also minimized the volts per second in our dining room.  They must be on the same direct electrical circuit. I am no expert on electric wiring in the house, so will hope that makes sense to others.  We will now purchase more filters for the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms.  We are hoping with the correct placements, we can minimize the volts per second and get our whole house down to below 25 vps.  We are partway there with the den and living room.

Check Out A Few Videos About Smart Meter Concerns



If you live in a home with an analog meter, stay there!  This new smart meter is a grave concern to everyone on this planet and should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind.  Why are we being exposed to this high energy frequency?  It is time to stand up for your own health and that of your own family; find the solution.  How do you feel when you leave your house for a while away from the pulsed radiation, either staying at a house with an analog meter or off-the-grid completely through camping?  I know in our family, we feel the heavy energy in the house and love when we visit family who live in a home with an analog meter.  It’s a refreshing change!


26 thoughts on “How To Find Dirty Electricity In Your Home

  1. Hi I am also wanting to protect myself from H and L frequencies. I have been researching and have come across a site called geovital. They offer shielding paint, a circuit cut off, shielding curtains, flooring, and mesh. I am wondering if you thought about using any of these type of products. If so then why you choose these devices? Thank you very much for any information.

  2. Hey Keri, to be honest upon first reading your title I was a little confused as I have never heard the term “dirty electricity” before. So that was a definite eye catcher for me:) I am currently living in an apartment right now and can ask the front office if any maintaince is needed. But, I will have this information booked marked for when the time comes to purchase a home. Thanks again!

    1. You are welcome!  You can ask if they have a smart meter or if someone comes to the apartments and reads the analog meter.  If you have a smart meter, it would be wise for you to look at the links to the filters in the post. 

  3. Great article, really. It has been a while now that I suffer from headaches and I can find myself sleepless at nights because of that. I can assure you from personal experience that what you wrote here is comp[letly right. Once I took out all those things I didn’t use, and even changed my lifestyle a bit, concentrating on the right things in life, everything became much much better.

    1. Happy to hear all is well with you now! It’s really eye-opening to feel the different energy in the house after installing the filters. Yes, one must always look at every aspect of life around them and make changes for the better.

  4. Hi Kerri

    Thank you for the eye-opening site you created. Didn’t know there was such a thing as dirty electricity. Your site is really easy on the eye. Good read and informative.

    Great to see that you offer books and other services too.

    Love the photography page, is it not a separate business altogether as with the Essential Oils?

    Wish you fantastic success with all of your ventures.


    1. Hi Rudolph, thank you for your comments.  Yes, the dirty electricity is very real.  We just placed filters all over our house and reduced the volts per second down to below 20. 

      Yes, the photography is my stress-relief passion, so I linked my photography page here.  Also, I am a huge proponent of alternative health options and essential oils are my go-to options.  We use the oils to supplement and support our bodies, at my home, for every reason you can think.

  5. Wow! What an interesting article. I know that my outlets are overflowing and I am going to start scrutinizing this issue in my home. I am going to share this article with my husband, so we can discuss our need for a smart meter. Thank you so much.
    Take Care, Heather

    1. You are welcome!  We just ordered 8 more filters for our home and are excited for them to arrive.  Our goal is to get the whole house at 25 vps and below. 

  6. Wow this is great information. I must share it with my whole family. I never knew there was so much hurting us. It is nice to know there are ways around it.
    To live in an era of clean air and clean homes is nice. I want to invest more in such an education. Just so I know my family will be safe.
    Thanks for the information and I want to keep tuning in to learn more.

    1. Yes, share with anyone you know!  We have had great success bringing down our large living space with the filters and will continue with filters throughout the whole house.  I am a classroom teacher, so will invest in a few to take to my classroom as well.

  7. Hi Kerri!

    I knew the fact we’re surrounded by so many electric devices is not good for our health, but I didn’t know how it was that bad!

    Thank you for sharing your experience on this topic, I’ll take a look at my house situation, following your advice.

    Very interesting article! Thanks!

    1. You are welcome, Israel!  We are eagerly awaiting our filters to arrive in the mail so that we can test the volts per second with them in place. 

  8. Hi Kerri,

    What an interesting article on How To Find Dirty Electricity On Your Home. I never even considered such a thing until reading your article today. It makes you wonder how many more hidden dangers we are surrounded with. Anyways, thanks again for an eye opening article on electricity.


  9. Wouw this sounds horrible.

    I have to be honest before reading your article here I had no idea that there were such things as dirty electricity and a “smart grid”. Doesn’t sound so smart though…

    Thanks for this eye-opening information. I will share this information with anyone I suspect might have a “smart” meter.

    1. Most modern-day homes have a smart meter, especially if they live more in an urban setting.  Thank you for sharing.

  10. A very interesting read about dirty electricity in your home!
    I am aware of smart meters slowly taking over, but had no idea that there is such a thing a dirty electricity
    The power company here just told me that they’re about 2 years from that, but it could come sooner because we are beginning to boom.
    The EMF field being released in the house is a direct result of the smart meters? And is the high voltage per second a result of dirty electricity also?
    Great article on dirty electricty

    1. Yes, the smart meter is causing the higher EMF fields in your house.  If/ when you have to live in a home with a smart meter, pick up the Microsurge Meter and test your home.  It’s quite shocking!

  11. HI Kerri! I had no idea about the smart meters. I just had my electricity company come out and do a smart inspection. They offered me the smart meter which I had to pay for but was eligible for a discount. I declined! And I’m glad I did. You are right why aren’t we talking about this instead of Trump!

    1. The smart meters are quite a tough issue to tackle.  At least you didn’t opt in to the smart meter yet.  This definitely needs to be talked about with anyone and everyone. 

  12. Interesting article on EMF’s… I honestly have never put much thought into the type of meter I have or if it got changed out into the new meter… I will look more into a smart meter guard. I have a variety of crystals all around my house… just curious if you ever considered crystals too?

    1. Yes, we have crystals around our house and our readings are still just as big. We do have selenite towers near all our electronic equipment and the spaces we work.

      1. Crystals, orgonite, shungite work in my opinion. But they work in a different way, they transform EMF from unhealthy to positive energy. The downside is that they can’t be verified by a meter so there is no real way to tell if they’re working other than how you feel. Shungite is particularly interesting and powerful both on the body, in water, or around the home. Just holding it you may feel dizzy or a detox effect.. thank you for sharing this vital information.

        One last clarification 🙂 the smart meter radiation outside is only one source of the issue. When it transmits, that transmission actually sends harmonic frequencies back through the electrical system of the house and this is what makes many people feel like their home is making them feel ill. It sends dirty electricity (ELF or extremely low frequency) into the homes wiring. The ELF has been proven to damage DNA in the body and destroy healthy cells over time.


        1. Thank you so much for commenting, Ryan! I do not have orgonite or shungite, so will have to pick up some of those and see how we feel. The videos I posted below both talk about the DNA damage to the body. The first one shows mutated cells and the doctor in the second video discusses autism relating to the high energy in the home. Very interesting. Thank you for providing extra information.

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