How Do I Stand On My Own?

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How Do I Stand On My Own?

There are times I must stand up, plant my feet firmly to the ground, and declare, “Enough, Enough, Enough!”  I am me.  I am my own person.  I am worthy of all that I desire and dream.  I am releasing all that has dragged me down to a level of despair, and I pick myself up, dust myself off and stand firm in my own convictions.  I am strong.  I am willing to change for the better.  I am standing on my own, with my own energies, letting that which serves me no purpose fall to the ground. 

I AM standing on my own.

In the moment, I am proud to be a person who is loved, who loves, and one who gives love to an unfettered level.  I embrace all that I hold dear to me, yet reach out to that which has scared me in the past and feel no fear.  I can feel the life force of the divine moving back inside me with a cleansing property that was not present before this moment.  I feel the strength of resolve moving around in my soul and moving me toward that which I am; GREAT, GOOD, LOVING, KIND, STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, and OPEN to all that I deserve. 

YES, I am worthy of all that appears in my life, as I am a child of God.

I have the strength to stand on my own and use my own energies to raise my levels of awareness above that which is holding me down.  I no longer need to wallow in defeat over that which I cannot control.  I have the strength and fortitude to let go of anything not serving me a higher purpose and that which does not bring me joy.  JOY!  A place I allow myself to be.  HAPPY!  An emotion flooding into my being.  LOVE!  All encompassing of my heart space and spilling out to touch others.  I do have LIFE inside me that allows me to embrace and accept all good.  I do have enough love for myself to block that which does not sit well within my newly cleansed spiritual being.  I transmute all that is not pure with divine energies to love and light.  May I receive all that is pure and divine with the acceptance of LOVE and LIGHT in my life. It is ever-increasing to heal my own spiritual self, yet also touch the lives and hearts of others as well. 

I AM okay.

How do you gather the strength to stand on your own?

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