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How Do I Stand On My Own?

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How Do I Stand On My Own?

There are times I must stand up, plant my feet firmly to the ground, and declare, “Enough, Enough, Enough!”  I am me.  I am my own person.  I am worthy of all that I desire and dream.  I am releasing all that has dragged me down to a level of despair, and I pick myself up, dust myself off and stand firm in my own convictions.  I am strong.  I am willing to change for the better.  I am standing on my own, with my own energies, letting that which serves me no purpose fall to the ground. 

I AM standing on my own.

In the moment, I am proud to be a person who is loved, who loves, and one who gives love to an unfettered level.  I embrace all that I hold dear to me, yet reach out to that which has scared me in the past and feel no fear.  I can feel the life force of the divine moving back inside me with a cleansing property that was not present before this moment.  I feel the strength of resolve moving around in my soul and moving me toward that which I am; GREAT, GOOD, LOVING, KIND, STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, and OPEN to all that I deserve. 

YES, I am worthy of all that appears in my life, as I am a child of God.

I have the strength to stand on my own and use my own energies to raise my levels of awareness above that which is holding me down.  I no longer need to wallow in defeat over that which I cannot control.  I have the strength and fortitude to let go of anything not serving me a higher purpose and that which does not bring me joy.  JOY!  A place I allow myself to be.  HAPPY!  An emotion flooding into my being.  LOVE!  All encompassing of my heart space and spilling out to touch others.  I do have LIFE inside me that allows me to embrace and accept all good.  I do have enough love for myself to block that which does not sit well within my newly cleansed spiritual being.  I transmute all that is not pure with divine energies to love and light.  May I receive all that is pure and divine with the acceptance of LOVE and LIGHT in my life. It is ever-increasing to heal my own spiritual self, yet also touch the lives and hearts of others as well. 

I AM okay.

How do you gather the strength to stand on your own?

16 thoughts on “How Do I Stand On My Own?

  1. Hello KerriM. Your post was very inspiring and I agree that it is important to be strong and love yourself! There may be ups and downs but we need to remember to always be encouraging ourselves to keep pushing forward and be in touch with our spiritual side. Great job and thank you for sharing this post!

    1. Thank you so much! I end up counseling more people on just spending some time loving themselves before trying to give the love to others.

  2. What a post! I agree completely, sometimes we just have to shake it off, feel our reach and our inner strength, and connect with that most important part of ourself that gives us strength and purpose. It’s too easy to get separated from it in the day to day crap. Which is why it’s important to always be doing something that feels like it’s coming from that place in our essential selves, whether it’s in our work, our relationships, or our home life.

    1. Thank you, Penelope! I interact with people on a daily basis who lose their way and get beaten down by life. Often times, I must give them messages to dig deep within themselves and find that place of strength.

  3. This post was very inspirational. I will be opening to all that i deserve and use my own energy to keep myself standing strong. I have allowed myself to be happy. And I will most definately transmute negative vibes to love and light. Thank you for this piece. I truly believe that i am worthy of all that comes into my life and will be OKAY.

  4. I needed to read something like this today. I can completely relate to the feeling of having had “enough, enough, enough”. What are your inspirations? As I was reading it I felt it resonate in my head like a beautiful sermon, very powerful and empowering. I hope you continue to write, I believe the world needs more of it.

    1. Thank you, Shawn. Divine guidance is my inspiration to write something this beautiful. I can get a title or sentence in my head and just know that it is something that has to be written down in message form for others.

  5. Hey Kerri
    This is a beautiful post and you clearly enjoy the brighter side of life. It takes a special experience to touch our souls in a way that can make us awaken. We should all change for the better of ourselves and our communities. You can never lose faith in your true self.

    1. Thank you, Anthony. I am not sure I know how not to take the brighter side of life. I just find the optimistic points throughout the day and go with it. I usually operate in this fashion, especially when something doesn’t go as planned, “Oh, well that happened, now what?” This gives me a mindset to shift my thinking from negative to find the positive, problem-solving direction.

  6. In the end, while we might have the support of family, friends and our community, the person who make the decision to finally act and change our lives, be it for the better or the worse, is ourselves.

    This article is amazing and worth repeating, as humans we may lose faith once in ourselves occasionally.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. When you take God’s word and vocalizes it, it makes you what it talks about.

    The spirit man is educated and groomed to see rightly.
    Joy love and happiness are controlled by the five senses when you are leaving the human outward life.

    But from the spirit you have joy, love and happiness happening always despite the physical challenges.
    Thank you for this post. But how can we get to this stage of standing on our own?

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment! I think we must get to a point that we find solace in those quiet moments of reflection to build up the strength in our hearts. We find those little glimmers of joy and beauty around us to crack open the positive power in our lives.

  8. It’s very beautiful. Thank you for this post. I especially appreciate you’re declaration that you are His child. This gives you the strength, the grace, the courage and everything else that you need to make it in this life. It also gives you the courage to say no to what is not desirable for the heart and the soul. Very inspiring.

    1. Thank you, Cassia. I had written this post many years ago to empower another person and it just felt fitting right now to repost it again.

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