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Simplify the Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching causing a bit of anxiety to rise up within many people. We are losing the love that surrounds these holidays for grander expectations beyond our control.  It is time to simplify the holidays by lacing them with love instead of anxiety.  Leave the worry out of the shopping and leave the angst out of the wrapping, for when you inject each gift with love, then there is only joy and happiness.  Let this holiday season bring a wealth of love that you can share with each and everyone.

Give With Love

This is the truth to the season, not spending your time worrying and fretting over each gift and each reaction to that gift. When you give with love, then the reaction will be in kind.  Let go of the overwhelming aspect of the holiday season and replace it with a more relaxed self and attitude.  You will be pleased with the results when you let go and release this tension from your body and mind.  Be true to yourself allowing for displacement of angst for replacement of love.  Fill your heart, your mind, and your soul with the joys of the holidays instead of dwelling on the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘how to’s.’

Believe in the Magic

Do not let yourself overspend on the material items, let love be your greatest gift and all will fall into place nicely. You will appreciate the thoughtfulness of others as they will appreciate the thoughtfulness of you.  Believe in the magic of the holiday season by bringing back and building up some beautiful traditions among your family and friends, leaving the commercialism outside the front door.  You will be amazed how the levels of love will increase as you instill more light within your traditions.  As the years go by, the memories of these holiday seasons will remain treasured and revered.

Pamper Yourself

When you feel overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the holidays, take time to pamper yourself. Remember, you are important and deserving of all that you give back to yourself. If you aren’t sure of the ways to let go of the holiday busy-ness, then here’s a quick list for you. The options are unlimited as to your desires and your interests. Just go ahead and pamper yourself today!

  • Relax by a cozy fire, with a warm tea to ease away the stresses.
  • Slide under the bubbles in a bathtub with Epsom salt and essential oils to soak away the tension within your body. (Premix the essential oils and Epsom salt before adding to your bath. It will keep the oils from floating to the surface of the water.)
  • Take a nap
  • Meditate or take the time for slow, deep breaths with beautiful music drifting around you.
  • Take a walk and breathe in the fresh air
  • Exercise with gentle yoga stretches and mindful movement
  • If baking and creating are your ways to unwind, then do so.

13 thoughts on “Holiday Love

  1. Such a powerful and extremely timely message! I just couldn’t possibly agree with you more. 

    It’s so incredibly important to feel and to spread the love during this time of year. And to do it just for the pure joy of giving. And in that not expecting anything back, like a reaction to a gift, or approval. Way too many people get stuck in regards this. And then it’s only a detriment to their happiness.

    I also totally do encourage to let go of all the tension and worries, this season is not about that. Find peace. Find love.

    If you didn’t get the beautiful message from this post (to a point ready to live it), read it again. And then again. And again. Read it so many times that you get this message instilled in you and you get sick of it. Get it down pat in your subconscious mind. Be loving. Be Caring. Be Sharing. 

    Cheers guys, I wish you all to have a beautiful and love-filled December and Christmas!


  2. The holidays can be so stressful if you let them get to you. You’re so right about letting love and your attitude taking over control.

    It shouldn’t be about material things and stressing out over things that don’t matter.I always feel it’s better to give than receive and we should all help each other out.

    Less anxiety and worrying should be the focus here! Thanks for some great advice!

  3.   Love will surely make a tangeble difference in our holiday activities including the gifts. Was recalling earlier that as a child I really enjoyed the holidays. My parents did all they could to make it a pleasant time for all of us. At the same time, they included us in the tougher activities that we would have preferred not be involved in. Back then, we would have rather been out playin with our friends. Now we see it all as part of the loving that characterized the occassion. Passing on that type of love is crucial if the experience is to continue.

  4. As the grinch once said “Chritmas doesn’t come from a store”.  Christmas is all about sharing the love and spending time with family not about the money spent on the gifts.  My daugthers both understand this, when I ask them what they want for Christmas, they do not have some big list of a whole bunch of things that they want.  What they want for Christmas is for our family to be together and to have a special meal.

  5. What a beautiful soul inspiring message! So refreshing this time of year and a gentle reminder of what the holidays really are about. We tend to put too much emphasize on material things, things that will not make us happy only tired and stressed. We need to remember that the holidays are so much more.

  6. Thanks Kerri for this inspiring and stress relieving message in a period like this.
    Most people are facing it hard to keep up with the expenses that come along with it.
    Why not take the simple gift of love to those that matter to us, I think this is the best way to reward our loved ones this season.

  7. Thanks Kerri for this inspiring and stress relieving message in a period like this.
    Most people are facing it hard to keep up with the expenses that come along with it.
    Why not take the simple gift of love to those that matter to us, I think this is the best way to reward our loved ones this season.

  8. Hello Kerri!

    This is a wonderful post. So many people are so tense this time of year – trying to finish a thousand things before the year ends, while we are supposed to be taking a break for our own well-being. I think the most important gift anyone can give is their time – hence why we should be spending less time in the shops looking for the perfect gift, and more quality time with our loved ones during this special time.

  9. Thanks for this simple but powerful reminder about what the festive season is all about – indeed, what life is all about – love. I start to dread the season when it becomes cloudy by ‘buy this’ and ‘this is a must have’ and ‘it’s all about this toy or that toy’, so thank you for reminding me that it really isn’t. More love, that’s what we need, not another toy! 🙂

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