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The holiday season is fast approaching causing a bit of anxiety to rise up within many people. We are losing the love that surrounds these holidays for grander expectations beyond our control.  It is time to simplify the holidays by lacing them with love instead of anxiety.  Leave the worry out of the shopping and leave the angst out of the wrapping, for when you inject each gift with love, then there is only joy and happiness.  Let this holiday season bring a wealth of love that you can share with each and everyone.

This is the truth to the season, not spending your time worrying and fretting over each gift and each reaction to that gift. When you give with love, then the reaction will be in kind.  Let go of the overwhelming aspect of the holiday season and replace it with a more relaxed self and attitude.  You will be pleased with the results when you let go and release this tension from your body and mind.  Be true to yourself allowing for displacement of angst for replacement of love.  Fill your heart, your mind, and your soul with the joys of the holidays instead of dwelling on the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘how to’s.’

Do not let yourself overspend on the material items, let love be your greatest gift and all will fall into place nicely. You will appreciate the thoughtfulness of others as they will appreciate the thoughtfulness of you.  Believe in the magic of the holiday season by bringing back and building up some beautiful traditions among your family and friends, leaving the commercialism outside the front door.  You will be amazed how the levels of love will increase as you instill more light within your traditions.  As the years go by, the memories of these holiday seasons will remain treasured and revered.

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