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Gift to Yourself

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Gift to Yourself

During the holiday season we find ourselves rushing around to do so much for others yet forget the much-needed time for ourselves. We can find ourselves running ragged and yearn for peace.  Yet, we go and go and go until we snap at each other and break down with exhaustion.

Gift yourself during the times of busy-ness, regardless of the time of year. Give to yourself to nurture your own well-being.  Take care to care for your own needs to prevent those moments of high stress and anxiety. 

During those days, weeks, and months that are full of busy times, separate yourself each day for those quiet moments. Take a short walk, alone, to release the stress, but to gather your own thoughts.  Let the fresh air cleanse your cells and refresh your mind.  Remove yourself away from the crowd of craziness to find silence.  Let this silence in the moment to settle your rushing thoughts.  Let this silence bring peace as it re-centers and grounds your body and mind.

Gift yourself the time of peace and quiet, even for a few moments to recharge your own body. Gather up divine energy at this moment to help you carry on to the next moment where you will gift yourself again.

Self-care is important care.

Do you find yourself rushing to and fro all the time? Yes, we see you do and know that you are frazzled beyond belief.  Or, you would not be here reading this post.  It is so important to be a bit selfish and take care of yourself.  You know what we are talking about, yet you manage to ignore your own health and well-being.

A new year is dawning and it is time to set the stage for a year of self-care and growth. You do not need to do everything for everyone at every moment.  Do one thing for the one important person in your life — YOU — and the energy of your own self with soar through the roof.

You will be happier. You will be full of energy.  You will be able to function on a daily basis with a light heart and a joyful step.  You will know that others will see the radiance emanate from your pores and shine from your face when you begin to nurture your own self.

It will be visible! It will be obvious!  It will be the most stupendous, selfish thing you have ever done!  And, you will not regret it!

10 thoughts on “Gift to Yourself

  1. due to illness, I cant work , so have gone back to school and I do dialysis which does take up about 80% of my time, so that means I have 20% spare , which I give to myself in the form of resting or hobby activities. I can stress out sometimes but on the whole I feel a lot better, once I start working again ill be sure to give time to myself , this is a great page keep it up

  2. Beautiful article, we need to spend time with ourselves, to cure our soul, and enjoy our lives too. i would love to read more about this, some examples or about your experience, how do you find your peace, how do you reward yourself?
    Ps. I like the books you recommend on your website :*

    1. Thank you, Roxen for your comment. I have created my own meditation corner, with a really comfy chair, that gives me the place to retreat with a cup of tea, a good book, and some time alone to regenerate. I also like to be home alone for a day, with no phone calls and such. My family is good when I request that as they know I have reached my energy limit.

  3. I guess the times I take a one hour power nap, during my busy schedule, would count for a moment of resting my mind and body. But then, I’m back to business as usual after that one hour rest.

    The problem I have is that my mind seems to be always active, even when I sleep, it seems. Do you have any suggestions or techniques for calming an active mind while trying to rest or sleep? Thanks in advance.

    1. Yes, that seems to be my problem as well a lot of times. I like to use lavender essential oils to help with some relaxation as I settle in for a nap. Also, I like to get off any technology for a bit before trying to sleep.

  4. Since I start earning my own money with my work, I always give gifts to myself LOL.

    Is the best way to enjoy your work and life for sure.

    Nice article Kerri, I will bookmark this website and hope to see more posts coming 🙂

    All the best from here

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