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Free Yourself From The Energy Drain Of Others

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Free Yourself From The Energy Drain Of Others

Your energy is one that is yours to use as you will and as you wish. Yet, you walk through like feeling drained when interacting with others in your space.  Have you ever thought that those you are around are using your energy for their own purpose?

You tend to find yourself in the midst of angst and at the mercy of someone’s problems as they share them with you, but you really want to run away and fast! This time of interaction with someone else is exhausting and draining.  It is life-energy draining.

How do you feel out of the zone of this person’s energy? How do you feel when out of the vibrational reach of their words and actions?  Most of you will respond with feeling peace and a start to the centering of your balance.  You are off-kilter when in their presence, but feel the beginning of your centering of body, mind, and soul when you are away.

Unfortunately, most people stay trapped in an endless cycle of being an energy victim. This is the trap that you get sucked into while surrounded and cocooned by the web of “psychic vampire” energy.  This energy is no good.  This energy is gathering strength by taking your energy from your own body, as it has now blended with yours when in close proximity to you, and is being used to fortify the one using the energy.

This friend, family member, or acquaintance may not even realize they are draining or pulling from your energy reserves for their own. They do know that they are sad or having a hard time with life’s challenges and feel the need to tell you all about their worries; all the time.  You are their one confidant they feel comfortable sharing their woes with on a daily basis.

You have several ways to handle this energy drain and save your own self from heartache and sadness. You will feel more energized and be able to move along with your day in joyful gratitude instead of woeful platitude.

How to Free Yourself From The Energy Drain Of Others

  1. Walk Away- the most difficult option to consider, but sometimes the most necessary in order to stop the energy-draining madness that occurs. You must learn to just walk away and not be available for their persistent need of your energy stores. You must break the link in all ways; telephone calls, meet-ups, social media contacts, and so on. The vibrational connection must be severed by just walking away — far — and not returning any interactions. Difficult? Yes! Necessary? Most definitely!
  2. Raise Your Vibration– live a life of utmost joy and high-energy momentum by seeing and appreciating the beauty in life. Embrace your own achievements and honor those who reach high achievements; celebrate each time. Laugh with your whole body and love with your whole heart. Acknowledge that life has its sad moments, but do not dwell upon that sadness. Find the happiness in the moment. See the optimism when others see the pessimistic side of life. There is always a way to find joy! Use kind words and help others out each day. You will notice your vibrations will rise, your outlook on life with improve, and those who drain your energy will naturally move away.
  3. Find New Friends- get out into the world and explore your passions. When you do, find those friends who share the same passions and whose outlook on life are just as joyous as yours. Begin a relationship with them. When you widen your circle of friends, you begin to see the world with new eyes. You begin to draw in those energies that match your own and follow your likes and passions. You will find that drain your energy will move away and they, too, will find others that match their energies. It is okay to break cycles of friendships that no longer match vibrational dynamics.
  4. Meditate- cocoon yourself in a woven tapestry of divine energy that is of the white light of God. You can do this every day, several times a day if you feel it necessary. When you feel yourself a bit off-kilter and not quite yourself, find a quiet space to just ask for divine, white light energy of the Universe to cocoon you immediately and cut all cords of attachment to anything that is not of this energy. Also, you can ask all cut energies to be transmuted to love and light and dispelled from their low vibrational charge.

Vibrations are shared back and forth between people, pulling and tugging energies in all directions. Be cognizant of how you feel when around others and how you feel when alone.  Are the energies you are experiencing your own or the energies of someone else?  If you find that you feel more tired, drained, sad, etc… in the presence of another, then cut the energy connection and see how you feel after some meditating and aura cleansing.  This will give you a good indication that it’s time for changes in your life to raise your own vibrations.

Love yourself and love will flow back to you.

6 thoughts on “Free Yourself From The Energy Drain Of Others

  1. Thank you for your post. It’s so true that our energy can be drained by others, who don’t even know they’re doing it. What they do know, though, is that after being around us, downloading on us, they feel better. This is because they’ve taken our energy, leaving us with a depleted source. I agree that it’s so important to try and protect this happening. I think the first step is just being aware that it can happen, so trying to avoid situations where the possibility of an energy drain is potential. Thanks again!

    1. You are welcome, Kikij! Yes, others do not always realize they are draining us, so we must be aware of our body and how we feel when around others. Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts with me. Wonderful!

  2. Your post just made me realised that it is indeed true that our own positive energy are pulled away by, in my case, friends.

    Friends are always sharing with me their problems at home or work. As a friend, I should be there for them. So, it is not easy to walk away as you said.

    Well, let’s try to raise my vibration.

    1. Hi Sharon, sometimes it is difficult to walk away from friends, but raising your own vibration is definitely the way to help yourself. In some toxic relationships, walking away may be the only option.

  3. First of all, I ABSOLUTELY love your intro pic! It speaks to my soul. This is an excellent post.

    I’m a very independent and passionate individual about the things that interest me. This spark attracts others in masses and it’s absolutely draining. I’m an introvert, so that in itself makes it hard to be around others for extended periods of time. I struggle immensely with going to work some days.

    Things used to wear on me a lot more than they do now. I’ve gotten a lot better at bouncing the negative energies off of me instead of absorbing them. It takes practice, but you learn to adapt when your mom is one of the worst energy vampires.

    I’m excited to see what other things you will be writing about.

    1. Thank you, Eris. I LOVE your thoughts about the topic! I couldn’t resist the photo when I saw it and knew it had to be the graphic image for this post. Please feel free to scroll through the website and see what other posts catch your eye. We have so many around us that can drain our energies. It’s learning to set up those shields or walk away whenever you can.

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