Forgiveness- Two Sides To The Emotion

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Forgiveness- Two Sides To The Emotion

We move through life and run into conflict and events that shake our world, whether small occurrences or large devastating events.  We never always quite know how to handle these instances and often get angry at this disturbance to our vibrational alignment.  When that happens, we hold onto anger and sadness.  It tends to fester inside our bodies, not always visible at first.  But, this anger will begin to manifest itself into illnesses of the body; dis-eases.  There is this amazing healing property called forgiveness that can take care of releasing this blocked anger energy and free us from such maladies within our body.

Forgiveness has two sides, which are both equally important

The first side of forgiveness is to forgive others for the hurt, — soul wounds — they have cast upon you.  This is incredibly difficult to do and may take a while for you to get to this mindset.  You are angry.  You may lash out verbally to someone else, spewing as much vitriol to them as they launched at you.  You are supporting “an eye for an eye” statement.  Yet, you are miserable.  Your life is feeling downtrodden and your energy is plummeting.  You feel horrid.

Do you see where I am going with this?  When you are sad, hurt, angry, and retaliatory, then your body begins to mimic your emotions.  It is sad, hurt, angry, and retaliatory.  Your body is beginning its process of festering these emotions deep within your cellular structure causing dis-ease to take over.  You will notice that you get the occasional cold or you feel deep exhaustion and want to stay in bed those extra hours.  Your body can eventually produce bigger cellular problems that can land you in the doctor’s office for a myriad of health issues.

Forgive them.  You don’t have to forget the injustices and hurt inflicted, but forgive them for violating your emotions and causing undo strife to your life.

The second side of forgiveness is to forgive yourself for the hurt you cause to yourself and the hurt you may have caused to others.  You have also spent your own energy casting soul wounds upon yourself through means of negative self- talk.  If you pause for a moment and think about how you speak to yourself, then you will notice that you have lobbed comments to yourself that you wouldn’t think about voicing to someone else.  It’s that negative self- talk that will get you every time.

You look at your external and internal self and find so many flaws that should be changed.  Who are you comparing your body features to?  Your self-talk may be something like this, “My hips are too wide. My hips are too narrow.  My eyelashes are too long.  My eyes are too far apart.  My hair is too thin.  I am not tall enough.  I am too tall.  I am not good enough.  I am not smart enough.”

You see what is happening?  You are tearing yourself down little bit by little bit.  Instead, change your mindset; change your words to reflect the beauty you see.  Give yourself pep-talks and positive affirmations each day.  If you pick apart your external self a lot, then find something that you like about your body each day.  Use words that lift you up, not tear you down.  You wouldn’t do it to a friend, don’t do it to yourself.

Along with forgiving yourself and the hurt you have cast at yourself, but you also must forgive yourself for hurting others.  I know, this is something we don’t always think about because it’s not always a large infraction toward others.  But, it could have been!  Forgive yourself for hurting the soul of someone else.  Their hearts took a stab from your words, even though you may not have realized it at the time.

Forgive yourself.  You may not remember all instances of hurt toward yourself and toward others, but forgive anyway.  Sharp words sting no matter who receives them.

As you sit down to and spend time in a space of forgiveness, do not forget when you are done to remind yourself of love.  Love for you, love for others, love to blanket the situations that encompassed the hurtful instances and events.  When you release negative built-up energies and forgive their space that consumed you, then life will turn around.

You will gain strength from love.  Your body will release anger from deep within its cellular structure.  You may feel tired, in a good way, and want to spend a day in deep rest and regeneration.  Do so.  Let your body release, relax, and heal from within.

Forgiveness is the catalyst to healing of mind, body, and soul.

The Ho’oponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) prayer is an ancient prayer of forgiveness and understaning.  When you need a spiritual and mental cleansing, then you can spend some time putting your emotions and emotional health in order.

Ho’oponopono- Feel It! Video


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