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Drop The Baggage Of Life Weighing You Down

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Throughout life, we collect bags and baggage that can weigh us down over time. We lift and heave the heavy bags for years and years, yet don’t realize we can drop those bags any time we desire. We can drop the baggage of life weighing us down.

Do you desire to drop all the bags that sit heavily in your arms, on your shoulders and back? It is up to you to shift the weight from your body and mind to be released and let go.

I realized while traveling these past few weeks that life is short and there are so many things we take for granted. I took notice that my parents are not as young as they used to be, although they can keep me on my toes at times. I noticed that my sisters have moved forward with amazing lives and their children have grown, with beautiful lives unfolding daily for them; their goals are amazing and dreams are forming and taking shape. I have realized that the weight I carried from the past year of work lifted when in the presence of those who love me unconditionally. They gave me the space to just sit, reflect, sleep, and relax without any demands of my time.

I sit at a place in my life that I know my life must change in order for me to drop the baggage that is sitting heavily on my shoulders and mind. My body cannot take the pressure of the weight much longer. There is so much more to life than work in a career that creates the bags to place on one’s body, yet no real solutions to remove them. I must remove myself from that place of continual pressure and shift those bags from on top of my body to the ground. I have no more energy to carry them, nor do I wish to waste my life doing so.

I understand the bags were created by my own choosing and my choice of career. I do not blame the decisions of others on my own unhappiness on carrying this weight, but must shift my thoughts and energy to removing the baggage one day at a time.

In a blink of an eye, life can change and the heart must be ready to withstand the changes. My heart is not open to change all the time as it complacent in routine. Yet, this routine has made my life mundane and has allowed the extra baggage to pile up and sit heavily upon me. I am at a place in my life, after traveling and seeing where I want to be, to shift and upheave the pressure to set it on the ground.

Life is too short to carry the weight of others’ dreams and wishes when the desires of my own heart are light and full of energy; pulsating strongly trying to break free.

With this, I release and let go! I release and shift. I release and all is balanced in my space. My body is floating free of the weight and pressure, for this is my desire. Let the changes begin now!

12 thoughts on “Drop The Baggage Of Life Weighing You Down

  1. Thank you for the article on letting baggage go.  I completely understand about baggage, as I have much of my own.  Do you know of any specific ways of identifying and then releasing this baggage?  I know that sometimes just being aware of the problem is half the battle, and I am aware of it, but how do go through the process of actually releasing it?  That seems to be where I am stuck at now.

    1. Forgive yourself and others for that which you can release and can’t control. It’s all about sending yourself forgiveness and love. It’s all about opening up that path of releasing through forgiveness. Give it all to the Universe to be transmuted to love and light.

  2. Very inspiring article i think a lot of people including myself can really relate to it but i like to think that if you drop all of the baggage that’s weighing us down we will eventually maybe form thoughts that are maybe not sensible to reality so i think you maybe need a very very tiny bit of baggage to for lack of a better term balance it out. i could be very wrong on this way of thinking but it’s fun to think about. once again amazing article!

    1. I like to think of dropping the baggage that is not beneficial to your own well-being as a way to free your own creative thoughts and thinking. It opens up space to think more clearly without anything holding you down; a more positive energy level with which you can focus. I like your thoughts about having that balance.

  3. What a powerful message and manifestation of change to come! You sound strong and willing, wholesomeness is on its way to you I can just feel it.
    I’ve carried a huge weight my entire life. I was raised to be a selfless, by standing helper. It is only recently that I have allowed myself to take up space in this world like others. I have this large, heavy guilt and uncertainty of my worth and I’m tired of it manifesting throughout every aspect of my life. Every day I make change. Through my successes and fallbacks, I am present for the entire journey and that is more than I could have said for myself 5 or 6 years ago. Man, am I proud.

    What a beautiful journey we are on! Life is wonderful and good.

    Best Wishes,



    1. Lovely. Keep making those positive changes and life will continue its upward path of positive energy for you. Life is AMAZING every day!

  4. Hi Kerri,

    We can release a baggage but along the way, we will pick up another. No matter it is a heavy one or lighter, we make our own choices. Importantly, we need to be positive about it. Having a positive mindset will ensure that we have a pleasant journey. If the baggage is too heavy, separate it into smaller ones to manage it one at a time.

    Take care and enjoy the journey!

  5. Hey Kerri!
    This is a great article and very inspirational! I teach a group workout class and always tell my students to ‘leave their baggage at the door.’ I can’t promise to get rid of it, but hopefully by the end of class, their bags are a little lighter!

    One mantra that I have to continually say over and over again is “Not my circus, not my monkeys.” I often find myself being bogged down by other people’s problems. I need to learn that I don’t have to carry their baggage around too.

    Thanks for reminding me to drop my own! You are so right, life is way too short!

    Rock on!

    1. Thank you, Kayla for your enlightening comment! It’s so easy to get caught up in carrying around the baggage of others. Life is too short- drop away!

  6. Thanks for the inspirational words! I think so many people in this world have settled for carrying those bags instead of dropping. I agree that I am one of those that have to stop trying to carry that weight and drop it in order start feeling a little more personal freedom. Thanks for the wisdom and sharing!

  7. Thank you Kerri. This is inspiring for all of us who are carrying baggage. All we need to realize and remember is that we are the ones who have the control to release it. Thank you for the gentle reminder…

    1. You are welcome! It took a bit of reflection while on vacation to realize I do not have to continue on any path that is not making my heart sing. My choices are always open to change. I can release baggage at any time.

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