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We all have dreams deep within us that are pushing to get out!  Over and over the same thoughts, the same patterns, and the same dreams pop up into our line of vision, yet we negative-talk our self out of pursuing that which excites us.

Do you find yourself having the very conversation with someone one day about your dreams?  Do you find yourself reading about the same topic that you have always wanted to pursue and create into fruition?

Do it!  Take the chance and jump into your dream.  What is holding you back?

Nothing!  You have the world before your feet and you can walk and move in any direction of your choosing.  Choose to live!  Choose to dream! Choose to Achieve!

Become an advocate for positive self-talk and life coach your own self right into success.  You are capable of achieving all that you set out to do.  Don’t let the prospects of money to hold you back.  Set the intentions that money will flow your way to fund your dreams.  You may also find that with the intentions people will float in and out of your life to help you on your journey.

Be aware of these people, for they are your helpers.  Never turn down and offer to better your life for those are the gifts that are building your dreams to fruition.

I see so many who let money be the block to their success.  I am telling you this right now, it is your own limiting beliefs that are blocking your direction.  If you truly are hungry for your dreams to come true, then the financial blocks will not be an issue.  You will problem solve and find ways around them.

Let your own dreams fuel your resourcefulness and ignite the fire beneath your feet to launch you on the path of your own choosing and creating.

8 thoughts on “Dream It! Achieve It!

  1. Hi Kerri,
    You got me fired up with your words of inspiration! I am stuck with the same defeating thoughts that keep me back from perusing my dreams. Dream it and Achieve it is the attitude to hold. I am glad I came across your post.
    Have you written any published works on this subject yet?

    1. Thank you for your kind words! If you peruse my website you will see more uplifting posts. I have not published anything about the particular topic. Although, I do have a published book about love, which is linked on the sidebar.

  2. This article is inspirational and motivating. Often people tend to fall in the expectations of others, and this was my downfall. It took me a while to realize it, but it was a new day for me when i did. It’s truly all in your mind, were capable of achieving anything we want in life if were willing to work for it. Do you think setting goals for yourself are beneficial? Thanks.

    1. Garrett, thank you for visiting. Yes, setting goals for yourself is great at helping you stay on task. I always have a bullet-point list going to keep me focused on the steps to my dreams.

  3. Hi, Kerri! I’ve just spent some time on your site. It’s very calming, and you’ve been very obviously deliberate in how you’ve set it up – easy to read, easy to see, clearly laid out, calming language and concepts, not busy in any way. You’ve already had some success in attracting folks to your affiliate marketing possibilities, it looks like. Lots of interesting ways to discover related topics and subsidiary pages/links, I particularly enjoyed discovering your photography – you’re quite talented and have an eye for composition that expresses your style. Best wishes for your success!

    1. Thank you very much for visiting and spending some time on my site. I do love photography and get out whenever I can to capture the beauty of life and share it with others.

  4. Dreams are just dreams if you don’t follow them and pursue them. It’s all about the choices that we make in life. My feeling is that you should write down your goals and dreams and this will keep you motivated to achieve them. Make a dream board and fill it with pictures of your goals and dreams in life. Stay positive and make your dreams realistic. This way you will make them come true.

    1. Yes, a lot of people make dream boards or vision boards to keep their goals in sight. I think your points you brought up were a great addition to my article. Thank you.

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