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Cross The Bridge To Forgive And Heal

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Cross the Bridge to Forgive and Heal

Each person is struggling to place their steps sure on the ground and un-wavered.  Many have turned back with a match to burn the bridge that led them over the rough, unstable water and crevices.  It is not advisable to turn and burn that which may be a route of escape.  Many burn the path that led them forward — creating the metaphor of the path for the person who wronged them.  The path is not the person.  The path can lead you back to healing and forgiveness.  Don’t turn and burn the bridge, but walk back across it to forgive and heal.

Sometimes, actually most times, forgiveness and healing takes place within your own heart space.  Forgiveness does not always mean you approve of any wrongs launched your way, but forgiveness does free up your heart space for love.  It releases you from the bonds that hold your heart captive with anger and frustration and sadness.  Forgive, release, and heal your heart to find the path that you truly wish to walk down that is littered with light from the Divine and love in innumerous amounts.

Take a moment and think of a moment that needs to be healed.  Are you able to cross back across the bridge to administer the healing?  Remember, this can also be done inside your own heart space to heal your own heart.  But, you must cross to the other person and let them know with your own thoughts and words, that you forgive them for all they did to wrong you.  As well, you must accept forgiveness in return for the hard feelings that wove a wedge between the hearts.  Let go and forgive.  Let go and free your heart, mind, body, and soul to heal to its full depth.

Let go and be the force of love that you wish to portray and to encompass.

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