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Connecting the Dots

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Connecting the Dots

It is difficult, sometimes, to understand the direction a person is going or the line of thinking that is taking place. It is up to our understanding to listen carefully to the message being presented.  It is up to our understanding to place the messages into a context that fits our knowledge.  Then, it is our duty to connect the dots of the messages to the dots of knowledge to give us guidance and direction.

Do you ever feel like you are floundering with a problem, bouncing around and around in your head, without a solution revealing itself? Yes, I feel that way too.  It takes an inordinate amount of time away from your schedule, as well as depleting your energy for the next round of problems.  At these times in our lives, we need to find a way to separate ourselves from the problem-not taking it so personal-and reflect upon all we know and have learned.  We must listen to others and their discussions in order make a well informed decision.

When we separate ourselves and stand outside the box, not allowing ourselves to be crowded in by four walls with no outside solutions, then we can see a bigger perspective emerge. We are enabled by our own intuition to dispel the truth of the matter.  There is a greater chance for a solution to any problem to present itself within a reasonable amount of time without interference from our own ego.  Step outside the box and spend some time looking around; moving from angle to angle if necessary.  Use this time to listen to those conversations around you lending insight and possible directions to a solution.

When we use the time to listen, not only to others, but also our hearts, then the messages will be understood within a context of knowledge, leading us forward to a satisfying resolution. Find the dots that connect through listening, discerning for your own truth, and viewing the dilemma from a different perspective.  Take the problem from your mind, spinning tales of negative thought processes, to your heart to illuminate the query.  Listen to the reverberations of your heart as it discerns the truth and spins out a solution coming from a place of love.

Let this love be your guidance to connecting the dots.

Are you listening to your own heart to connect the dots to your own guidance and direction?  Leave me a comment below!

10 thoughts on “Connecting the Dots

  1. Great article. For sure some cool advice no one in my personal life has ever given me advice like that, Its definitely a different perspective than the one I have been raised on. It’s without a doubt hard to connect the dots especially when a situation just happened but I think with enough time pass, one will eventually learn from it and hopefully move on. Once again great article :).

  2. An interesting read. I have found the only way to truly take myself outside the box and connect all my own dots is my taking myself fully out of a situation which is easier said than done!

    Just going somewhere different can give great perspective – I have found that travelling alone, whether for 6 months or just for a weekend, has solved most of my dilemmas in the past. Even just going for a walk alone can do the trick.

    Self-awareness is a great thing and we must all try our best to listen to ourselves.

    1. Thank you, Louise for imparting your wisdom with me today. I do agree that sometimes one must take themselves fully out of a situation. Changing up the routine and doing something different is a great way to change the perspective and tap into your own inner guidance.

  3. Solving problems when you feel you are going nowhere fast can be tricky, and listening to others, although it can help, can also confuse the situation even more.

    I think you are right when you say that in the end, you need to listen to your own intuition, and your heart to find the right solution for yourself.

    I think the problem most face is finding the quiet time to ponder over this in our rushed and fast paced world.

  4. Hey Kerri.

    I agree with you that if someone wants to find the truth about something, an open mind is mandatory, extensive research is needed as well as listening to alternate perspectives.

    We can’t possibly know the truth about something by reading or hearing about it just once.

    Thank you for the great article.

    Harry !

  5. Yes Kerri, our heart has all the answers, and if you let love flow, usually you get the solution to all your problems. I use ‘the observer’ technique, that is I look at myself as if I was another person observing my behavior and reaction to events. That’s when my mind gets clear, and it’s easier for me to listen to my heart. Could this be seen as a way to ‘connect the dots’?

    1. Yes, I end up using ‘the observer” technique quite a bit as well. This is a great way to get into your own space and “connect the dots.”

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