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Activate Your Safe Space

I have spent time watching the news and reading the social media sites, and I have noticed an increase of FEAR on the rise. This fear is a fear of the unknown, of the known, of the scared, of the loss of security, of a shift in the present reality.  It is a fear that is permeating so many lives and so many decisions being made throughout our world.

I am here to remind you that you have a place, deep within your own self that is a safe place from fear. Activate your own safe place deep within that will hold these fears at bay and give you a more secure peace of mind.  When you take the fear that weighs you down and shove it deep within your own comfortable place, then that fear becomes powerless.  You take the power from the fear and turn it into something more loving.

We see so many running around doing things that they otherwise wouldn’t do. We see people activating fear externally, instead of activating peace internally.  There is a more solace place to settle and to bring forth peace from within. Do not run from that which is shaking up your own safe place of comfort and joy, but stand strong against the forces from within.  Pull in the energy that you need to handle all situations from your place of eternal light and gratitude, solace and peace.

What are you afraid of losing? What issues make you afraid?  With these fears on the rise, settle them down into your safe place and turn your heart to peace.  Find a way to project your fears in a more positive way.  How can you epitomize peace and make a difference in the world, in the community you live?  Turn your heartaches, your suffering, your life changes, your disillusionment, your shock, your sadness, your anger, your fears to something positive and uplifting.

As Mahatma Gandhi enlightened us so many years ago, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world!” Instead of griping and complaining that life is not going in the direction you wish for it to go, get up and be a voice for change.  Be a voice for those who cannot stand up and fight for themselves.  Be the change that brings solace and peace back into your life.

Turn your negative feelings into positive action! Look around and meet up with the helpers of your community, of your country, of the world and set the bar high for positive action.  When we are in the state of helping instead of tearing down, doing instead of sitting back and crying, being the change instead of causing the grief and discontent, then we are moving in a direction of enlightenment and betterment for ourselves and society.

Build up humanity through tucking fear away in your inner safe place, silencing its voice of panic and distress, and activate your safe space of love and tranquility. Move your heart into that space and let the love shine brightly from within, covering and suffocating the voice of fear.

Find the ways that you can help the world and help those who are wracked with fear from deep within their core being. Step back and take a look at the happenings around you.  When you do, you will see that life is not crumbling around you and that you are strong and still standing within the newness of this adversity.  Help those who are floundering and buried under their own blanket of fear.  Cut away the fabric of fear to let the light of love flood the safe space that is deep within them.

20 thoughts on “Activate Your Safe Space

  1. lovely article kerri –
    if you want some you miss the whole , but if you want whole you have to give up all . We are part of this beautiful cosmos , interdependent forming a unified whole . Are we really happy and content . Corgito ergo sum by Rene descates – I think therefore i am . Is there is something beyond . For example – I breathe therefore i am . When you live in fear your breath rhythm changes , you are angry – your breath rhythm will change , you are hungry you breath rhythm will change , your thoughts will change etc . So you breathe and you think and you think that you fear . I mean to say you can’t ignite fire without air .
    Humans are so busy that they don’t even have time to watch there breath . When mind ignore breath – it build its own kingdom – (only me , because of me , and myself ) . These mindful people are called intellectuals because they know everything and they put more emphasis on knowledge . They talk about success , achievement , they are superior , they sympathize and yes they fear .
    Some people are wise they live fearlessly with knowledge and ignorance all together , they contribute , they are not in race . The know light cannot exist without dark and dark cannot exist without light , dark is your breath and you are the light .
    Intellectuals still says – that it is because of thinking you know you breathe .
    Watch you breath ,inhale and exhale . The divine breath will purify the mind and remove fear , it will calm you and establish you into your own self . Making you realized that it is not only you but the cosmos .
    (i have less command on english -think it but dont ignore it – lol )

    1. Thank you, Varun, for your comment and how much time you put into responding to the article. Breathe, breathe, breath and remove fear. Love it.

  2. Thank you for the inspiration. Too much negativity is talked about and spread around in today’s world. Our younger people are more attuned to some electronic device than another human including family and friends.
    It is possible for one to be spiritual and not religious, but not to be religious without being spiritual. We should turn our minds more to spirituality and less to materialistic “stuff.” Good work.

    1. Thank you, Bill! I find this space a place of solace for me as I navigate this crazy, mixed-up world around us. Yes, we need to find that spiritual place within and let that be our guiding beacon and place of comfort; however that looks for each person individually.

  3. Fear mongering people have nothing to better to do, but to create fear. I have four children, two of them are still young and greatly affected by what they see on TV. Although we try not to watch TV, somehow things come up.

    I agree with you that fear should be overcome. Mahatma Gandhi’s words are great. It would be nice if people actually took measures towards achieving those words. I have a great fear which is what kind of a world will I be leaving my children?

    1. Thank you, Jagi. I don’t live in fear and live with the intention of something greater. We don’t watch television at our home very much, either. Yes, it would be wonderful for a world of people living under the umbrella of Mahatma Gandhi’s words.

  4. I really appreciate this article, especially because I notice there is an epidempic of collective fear running through the world right now. Even though we cannot control some of our external circumstances, we can always access the safety within. This is a wonderful reminder to come back to that quiet stillness within, and recharge and reorient from that space.

    1. Yes, the collective fear was what prompted me to write this article. We can get caught up in the machinations of the negativity so easily and forget about our own silent, calming space within ourselves.

  5. Hello and thank you for the insightful article.
    I think that we have to concentrate more on our internal world in order to change what surrounds us.
    Once we know our deepest fears desires and emotions, we can start learning to control them. In that way we can control ourselves and ” “He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.””

    1. Thank you, Asen for your thoughtful response. Yes, we must take care of our inner self and find that space that is deep within to nurture.

  6. I agree with your reasoning to activate a safe space in which to work from and communicate with.

    You are so right regarding Social Media, it’s like a mass frenzy of headless chickens running around promoting link after link of scary business opportunities. The making money side of things is so bad on all Social Media platforms that these people worry me because not only do the appear desperate in attracting newbies into their fold, the way they operate is a sure fire way to put people off.

    I only target a small niche, it’s my passion and I do an affiliate marketing role legitimately, in fact I don’t try to sell anything, my whole persona is to relay honest information and I think that’s where trust is achieved with your audience. Those who operate genuinely attract.

    I work on my own in a home office where peace and quiet is essential, once I’ve done my days work I take the evenings off and this work life balance I create with my family is crucial for my own advantage plus it helps not to appear as desperate in communicating. I think everyone needs to set realistic goals and work they way slowly to accomplishing them.

    Informative post you have written, how long have you been blogging?

    1. Thank you, Simon! I love your feedback and it’s nice to hear from an online business perspective about activating a safe space. I have been blogging for many years through the Blogger sites, but decided to build up a bigger website through WordPress. I transferred a couple of my articles over here, but most everything on this site is brand new material and content.

      I feel this website gives me a place to breathe and just refresh my mind away from anything negative on the world wide web. Computers and technology are in my life, so I must find the balance to maintain my own happiness.

  7. Wonderful website. I can relate to what you write. In our negative world, we need to find the positive and help it grow. There really is only fear or love.
    Thank you.

    1. Yes! I really have felt the negative energies lately and had to remind myself that I do have that space within myself that is positive and light. Live in love, not in fear. Thank you, Susan for visiting!

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