A Canvas For Life

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A Canvas For Life

Each person carries with them a blank canvas upon which those who pass by paint a stroke. There is not one artist creating this masterpiece, but many artists through interactions with each person, influencing the strokes of the brush that sweep across the surface.  We are privileged to get a chance to paint upon those canvases, placing our marks with care and precision, whether for ourselves or for someone else.  It is a painting someone will carry with them for the duration of their life adding to it as experiences dictate.  Those who pass by influence the artwork upon the canvas within a fraction of time, yet the mark lasts for a lifetime.

We are all artists, each and every one of us. We each share the responsibility of painting upon the canvases for life of each person that crosses our path.  We only get one chance to apply the brush with gentleness and care.  Our encouragements lie boldly upon the canvas, as do our disappointments.  These marks stay on the canvas in its own positions exposed in its true colors at first, and then hidden deep beneath the many layers of paint that accumulates over the years.

The artwork itself is unique, with its color patterns lying audaciously on the canvas. Yet, each paint spot tells its own story.  Some are delightful stories sharing a common thread of happiness and encouragement.  Some are disheartened stories eliciting sadness and discouragements.  We must learn to wield our artists’ brushes with consideration for the canvas we are painting upon.  It is not just a surface to try our hand at being creative, this is a painting created by life.  It is our hands that must guide the paintbrush to the canvas to apply kindness, compassion, and a large dose of love.

Our palette is to be filled with paint that is mixed with love and understanding; kindness and encouragement; tolerance and empathy. We must be cognizant to dip our brush in the paint with care and apply that paint lovingly upon the canvas of the people who cross our paths.  These few moments of attention to careful details will add to painting a life- creating a masterpiece.  Peoples’ artwork is individualized with their life experiences, layer upon paint layer, creating a work of art of a lifetime.

When painting a canvas for life, whether your own or someone else’s let your brush embody love as you leave your marks upon the surface.


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