2018: The Year of Life-Giving Love

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2018: The Year of Life-Giving Love

You will see, dear ones, a rise-up of those who have felt downtrodden and buried beneath the energies of this past year. Those who have remained silent and stuck in their own private cocoon of sadness, quietness, and unsteadiness will rise up and let their energies be felt; let their voices be heard. One will know they have reached their own level of depth when they feel the inner strength to “do something about it.”

Our Message for You, Dear Readers!

There will be sacrifices for so many to allow love to shine in those around them. You will see the unfettered show of kindness rising from anyone who comes in contact with you. Allow those kind words and gestures to fulfill the need within you at that moment of time. Acknowledge the kindness with a kind word in return, a head nod, or a smile. There is always so much to see when you open your heart to the caring energies around you.

As the year begins, there will be some upheavals in the world, we see, as the regimes of hatred begin to falter and crumble. The quiet ones arise from the oppression and rise up to take back their space. They rise up to take back their lives. They rise up to take back their communities by gathering those neighbors, near and far, to create a wall of strength. The crumbling oppression will reverberate throughout the world in all corners of the world. There is a rising up that is gathering strength to overthrow the oppressive leaders and oppressive regimes. You will see it happening where you live and where you travel.

We KNOW there is a blanket of Light surrounding Mother Earth right now. We anchor it ourselves to her poles with our own hearts and love. We can shift the energies to remain as is, or shift to leave the earth. We are allowing this blanket of Light to settle deep within the crevices of the earth and cocoon the inhabitants of this Earth plane with love, light, and compassion. Those who can feel the blanket of Light are beginning to gather strength by healing themselves and readying to help their neighbors heal.

Offer Through A Compassionate Heart

It doesn’t take a lot to turn to a neighbor and offer a compassionate heart. It doesn’t take a lot to turn to a family member to offer a helping hand. It doesn’t take a lot to turn to the world with your hands outstretched offering your energies of love and energies of healing.

Common Thread of LOVE

Be aware of the divided feelings between nations and the divided feelings within a nation. There is separation of beliefs, but love should always remain a common thread. When the thread of love disappears and the love for humanity as a whole disappears, then disparity appears. LOVE, the common thread needs to remain intact. LOVE, the common thread needs to tie one end of a nation to the other end of a nation together. LOVE, the common thread needs to wrap itself around Mother Earth, encompassing all nations in one loop of commonality. We may never have the same beliefs nor the same backgrounds, yet LOVE should be the same common theme to lead the way towards healing humanity.

Do your part, dear one, with kindness. Let your heart open to the neighbor through a common thread of compassion and love. Use your voice to lift others up, not tear them down. We all want peace in the world, yet we are oppressed by leaders who feel other energies than love. The voice of the people shall be the voice of LOVE. Be ONE with the rest of those standing up to be heard and counted, for those are the voices that will make a great change in the world.

As we close out the year, 2018, you will see a greater picture of what LOVE can do when those we stand beside rise up and let their voices be heard. This will be the year that life-giving love rises higher than all that oppresses. You will be a part of that love and give rise with your voice through kindness, compassion, healing, and love. Let the words that flow through your heart be that which will always lead another to greatness, glory, and betterment for their own health and healing.

Give of your own life to increase love. Give of your own life to strengthen voices. Give of your own life to raise the oppressed from despair. Give of your own life to heal humanity. Give of your own life — LOVE.

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7 Comments on “2018: The Year of Life-Giving Love”

  1. This was such a lovely post and hope everyone come to read it one day. I think we all need to be reminded of how love conquers all and how just a smile, or pat on the back can make someone’s day and how then they will to pass it on. Love it contagious and we all need to feel and give it more. Enjoyed that you made the paragraphs small and the experiences of love that you wrote were truly inspiring. Will enjoy reading more of your work, great job!

  2. This is a great little post. Its a reminder how we all need to love a little more how it’s within all of us and is something we all need. It would be amazing if everyone on the planet looked toward love first instead of hatred. What a wonderful world we would live in. It’s also the smallest things that can make the biggest difference; a smile, a helpful hand, or a pat on the back. Really doesn’t take much to make someone’s day. Thank you again for the reminder and I really hope everyone comes to read this. Take care and happy new year!

  3. We may have separate beliefs but love should always remain a common thread and we should not let disparity come in our way.

    Your confidence of the year 2018 being the year of triumph of love is rubbing off on to others.

    Wish it happens all over the world.

    Great article/post.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your love today! I do have the belief that LOVE can happen all over the world. I believe there is more love floating around and being shared than we hear about daily. Surround yourself with the most loving vibe tribe and love will flow naturally to you and to others.

  4. This is a really inspiring outlook to the new year ahead. We do live in more troubled times, where oppression and corruption wants to divide and separate humanity.
    Having compassion and love and sharing it with others less fortunate is truly a blessing. Just a simple smile can put a smile in someone’s heart too.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. It would be so nice if people will really start sharing the love and helping each other. I hope you are right, this year to change the things. There is so much hate in the world that people don’t even see the small shades of love.
    But once we will share kindness and LOVE, will light everybody’s soul and hate will not have such a power, to destroy lives, nations. Don’t you agree?
    Humans are the worst for damaging this world, this Earth which is our home. And this just because of our greed and hate.
    So let’s make it a better world, lets spread the love like a beautiful wind in our hearts, houses, countries.
    Have a good year, and a nice day. Thanks for a very nice read,

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