In the Trenches

Every year we hear our colleagues use the phrase, “In the trenches.” “I feel like I am working in the trenches.” “We work in the trenches every day.” “Back to the trenches.” You’ve heard it. You may have even said it a time or too many times to count. What does that mean? Has anyone

Rise Up and Shake the World

At the beginning of the year, I had written this article, 2018: The Year of Life-Giving Love.  Unbeknownst to me, I was on a journey of historic proportion that would expose my inner strength to “do something” for change. Shake the World Back at the end of February I found a rock with the inspirational

2018: The Year of Life-Giving Love

2018: The Year of Life-Giving Love You will see, dear ones, a rise-up of those who have felt downtrodden and buried beneath the energies of this past year. Those who have remained silent and stuck in their own private cocoon of sadness, quietness, and unsteadiness will rise up and let their energies be felt; let

Holiday Love

The holiday season is fast approaching causing a bit of anxiety to rise up within many people. We are losing the love that surrounds these holidays for grander expectations beyond our control.  It is time to simplify the holidays by lacing them with love instead of anxiety.  Leave the worry out of the shopping and

What Is Clouding Your Vision?

You have reached a place in your life where you cannot see past the nose on your face. What has happened and why is your vision so narrowed and shortened? Do you sit with your eyes open, yet your vision is clouded and you cannot make sense of the world? You have causes that have

Love For A Change

Love For A Change Instead of living for a change in your life, learn to love for a change. Turn your life around and learn to love yourself.  Living life is tedious and hard and mundane.  We all seem to get stuck in the routines of life and forget about taking care of ourselves.  As

Solar Eclipse New Moon Ritual

During a New Moon, you can attract your heartfelt longings by dreaming, creating, and affirming your desires. Take some time to nurture your wishes and desires while the dark side of the moon shows itself. The Solar Eclipse, this month, is granting you special time to plan for your future during this New Moon cycle.

I Found Solace Within

​I found solace within myself this summer. I decided to take a much-needed break from all that was in my sphere. I am a classroom teacher who almost burned out this past school year. The energy in my classroom was full-on intense this past year, which coupled with my more empathic nature and extreme level

Vibrational Match

Vibrational Match There is an inner peace which radiates out from you today. As you pass others along the route you choose to walk, notice the fluctuation of your vibrations.  You are reacting and interacting with the energy of others.  When you feel agitated, change the vibrational match by speeding up or slowing down your


Integrity As the presidential election got closer, I found myself bewildered by the comments from others that they would vote for a person based on gender, race, or wealth status. I found that horrifying and quite mystifying to my own beliefs that I hold strong within my own heart space.  I have never found myself

Stuck In The Middle

Stuck in the Middle I am stuck in the middle of an ideological political war between friends.  I sit here and can see both sides of the fence knowing that I have thoughts that swing either way.  It’s a strange place to hover and yet, seems rather normal at the same time.  Am I alone